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Radical Feminism Still Exists

The social activist division of the Manosphere has recently been shining a bright light on the dark and ugly place that is radical feminism. All ideologies have radicals, that much is a given. These radicals are different. The recent news stories posted on A Voice For Men show that radical feminism is not only still around, it’s exceedingly violent and worse, radical feminists are in positions of influence and respectability.

Consider this post from a teacher:

For the whole story, click here.

I’m not going to cover the whole story in detail because Paul Elam and the guys on that website have done an exemplary job of exposing the very disturbing women who are posting and commenting on at least one radical feminist blog/website. Many of these women openly advocate for the genocide of men. They wish violence and death upon men. Their hatred of men is deep and intense.

Indeed, there is even a renewed interest in the SCUM Manifesto. That vitriolic document – written over 40 years ago – advocates for the “elimination of men”.  There was a recent conference in Perth, Australia to actually celebrate that diseased document and it’s equally diseased author (now deceased). The SCUM Conference was attended by academics and sundry writers and bloggers. Paul Elam has a list of participants in another great article on A Voice For Men, here.

What’s so shocking to is that such violent ideologues work amongst us as educators, academics, lawyers, and community organizers. Some of these women have influence over public policy. Imagine a hardened white supremacist helping draft legislation.

I will certainly concede that some elements of the Manosphere are dark and with righteous anger. I have yet to hear anyone from the Manosphere call for the outright elimination of women.

The reason I am raising this issue on a dating and relationship blog is because the extreme anti-male attitudes of radical feminism casts a pall on the general relationships between men and women. It’s because of this extreme ideology that women can so casually dismiss or disrespect all men and no one raises an eyebrow. The misandry started by the radical feminists percolated up through politicized feminism and into our mainstream culture. Misandry is now so accepted that it’s like nitrogen in the air.

When Sharon Osborne – on a daytime TV talkshow – laughed and joked about a man’s penis being cut off his angry ex-wife, the celebrity wife was echoing the ugliest of radical feminism’s hatred of men. The female audience laughed along with Ms Osborne. Watch the video for yourselves. The general laughter at the extreme misfortune of a man has the definite brand of radical feminism.

I really do want men and women to connect and have solid, long-lasting , and intimate relationships. I also want men to achieve their relationship goals. But with such hatred so accepted, it makes getting women and men together a far more difficult process.


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18 thoughts on “Radical Feminism Still Exists

  1. SCUM: Society for Cutting Up Men. Charming.

    Radical feminism calls for the elimination, the death, the marginalization, the social and economic ostracism and destruction, of men. Boys are medicated merely for being boys. Men’s wealth, fortunes, children and legacies are stripped from them on the whim of a wife who has decided she’s “not haaaaappy”.

    Note that radical MRAs don’t call for women’s deaths, elimination, or societal destruction. Ostracism, yes, Refusal to support their policies and beliefs, yes. Refusal to marry and procreate with them, yes. But no one — certainly not men or MRAs that I know of– is calling for the mass mutilation or murder of women.

    Can one imagine the howls if men began calling for ritual clitoridectomies of women who hurt or harmed or offended them? Can one imagine the shrieks of protest if men began demanding the intentional mass extinction of women?

  2. “I have yet to hear anyone from the Manosphere call for the outright elimination of women.”

    If I didn’t like “bangin” women so much, I would have called for their immediate removal from the planet years ago… What else are they good for? lol

    Ok, I confess, that might have been too harsh of a statement… Even for tongue-in-cheek male humor. =P Go make me a samich cupcake! lmao

  3. just visiting on said:

    And that is why my youngest son will never set foot in a public school. I really had to change my views on supporting teachers. I used to think it was just over indulgent parents of spoiled children who went to war with teachers. Until I had sons in the system, and realized that they were being penalized for not acting like girls.

    The Sharon Osborne clip is disturbing. Radical feminism is a mental disorder. What’s so disturbing is the normalization of misandry. At the risk of sounding red neck, I suspect that the universities are fermenting a lot of this stuff.

    Which brings up the next point. Talk about this stuff. Not just on the internet, but in real life. I can’t tell you how many times I’d bring up this type of issue, just to be shut down by MEN. This was tough especially when I was a young woman because social dynamics are far more important at that age. (And there is a herd mentality to deal with from the women.) The herd mentality I could deal with, but there didn’t seem much point in pushing the subject if the men were going to scoff at me for such things.

    Contempt is never a good place to come from in forming relationships. I sincerely hope that with the mainstream media and dead tree publishing having less hold on molding public perception, perhaps sanity will prevail. Perhaps even depth and intimacy will become the norm for relationships once again.

    • The men that are going to scoff at you about this kind of thing … are precisely the kind of men that feminism benefits, the 10% of swinging-dick-alphas. They’re definitely not representative of the average guy, that feminism would prefer hand over their finances, expertise and insight for the privilege of speaking to a woman.
      I’m also betting that they’re the people who believe that there’s no such thing as consequences for them, and the only thing that matters is they come out ahead.
      Hang around long enough with those types of people and you’ll become just like them.

  4. Jack Dublin on said:

    I never cease to be amazed that conservative/libertarian parents still send their kids to public schools.

    We’ve all heard ‘I know what goes on at our school.’ (wrong)

    Or the ever popular, ‘Our teachers aren’t like that.’ (How many parents would say that about the above example?)

    At this point, letting your kids wander around a bookstore four hours a day would probably get them a better education. At the very least the books are subject to market pressures.

    • Almost all teachers are going to be like that,
      because the basic tenets of feminism have filtered into sociology, psychology 101, “human development” courses.
      And since these are “feely” subjects and not “numbers, not BS” subjects like physics or mathematics … and are therefore based around the idea that there is a possibility you can fail if you disagree with the teacher (with the “friends” around you ready to rat you out so that you fail instead of them) …
      EVERY step in education from primary right up to university, in a education in the arts, and especially in childhood education (these people go on to become teachers in public/private education) … is steeped in feminism.

  5. The SCUM connection is pretty scary, the RadFem Hub is even worse. AVFoM have been doing some great work on exposing just how vile the genocidal impulse is with Rad Fem’s and just how many are in real positions of influence, including published writers, professors and social workers. These are must read articles and exposes. These women are openly calling for the mass slaughter and extermination of ALL men AND BOYS.

  6. These people are so evil.

  7. just visiting on said:

    Evil and deluded.

    • Normal women give them the power, when they refuse to publicly condemn their actions or disagree with what they do.
      Just because you say “I’m not a feminist”, carries no weight if you stand by when other women spout those diatribes of “oppressed by the patriarchy” or “men are only responsible”.
      Most normal women are simply, “undeclared feminists” or the type to say “I’m not a feminist, but …”
      because they completely understand that most people will not take the time to think about what they have done, rather than what they have SAID.

  8. flyfreshandyoung on said:

    The worst of it is, such evil is laughed off by “mainstream feminists” and the PC establishment because there is nothing to see here, move on, these aren’t “real feminists”. They’re harmless, blah blah blah, they’re being hyperbolic, etc…

    Fuck off.

    These cunts have real influence.

    • just visiting on said:

      They’re more damaging than the radicals, At least the radicals are seen as kooks. It’s the pc establishment types come off as more reasonable and in some cases quite likeable. That’s how it becomes normalized. The only way I can think of fighting against it is to turn off the tv “programming” and be vocal.

  9. War on men? Are you fucking bitches insane? We are not Andy Warhol, who was himself a bitch, and even then the stupid cunt who belonged to SCUM had to shoot him, and she fucked that up. We are people like me,although aging, at 59 in surprisingly good shape and quite equal to the task of handling a roomful of you rugmunchers, and, should it come to firearms, more than capable there too. Younger males would pose even a greater challenge to you, indeed an insurmountable. Enjoy your violent fantasies to your heart’s content, but be advised-the slightest attempt to allow them to enter the real world will result in real pain (yours), real blood (yours), real harm (to you), and real death (your own). This is not even at the level of a warning or prediction; it is in fact a certainty.

    • Yea,

      Bring it on. Let´s keep marginalizing men to the point that their becomes a measure of chaos in society.

      Not a wise move women.

      And just who the fuck is gonna be able to unleash genocide on men? come on.

      You can engage in hate against boys for a time women; a short time, but most of those boys will survive to be men. Become men as you all are becoming hags; do you see the problem. It´s kinda like burning alot of bridges. Social security failing, traditional family a thing of the past and men who feel no empathy for you.

      • They want the men who “feel no empathy for them” … because they select for the people who are “confident enough to own a room” … “knows how to get things done, without worrying about the details” … “doesn’t sweat the small stuff”.
        The problem is,
        The small stuff makes the big stuff, and if women admitted they choose a small set of unavailable men over a huge set of available men, they come off not deserving of sympathy for their bad decisions.
        Hence, it comes to the funny idea that very often the women you come across happen to have been raped previously by her now ex-boyfriend, whom she never found the time to lodge a police report against, or didn’t mind still being with such a guy.
        I dunno, it’s starting to look like one big scam against ordinary guys … they want those guys’ wealth, but will ask nothing of the Masters of the Universe.
        In other words, ordinary guys are being “settled for”, while being told they should be grateful that any woman thinks they are worth being with.

  10. These females creep me out. I bet they also want to kill stay-at-home moms for fraternizing with the enemy. I always wonder how they plan to continue the human race without any sperm.

    • they plan to continue the human race with the 10% of swinging-dick-alphas.
      But that doesn’t bring in enough money, so I guess they’ll be asking women like you to give for “the good of the sisterhood”.

  11. Isn’t Paul Elam a fellow PUA?

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