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Reign Her In

[The Post Title Is A Pun]

Spread this around… especially to men who claim to be Democrats.

Barbara Walters, ABC News: “What is your biggest peeve of each other?”

President Obama: “I don’t have one.”

Walters: “Aww.”

Michelle Obama: “My list is too long.”

(From Real Clear Politics.)

The First Lady needs a muzzle. Seriously. If the POTUS isn’t willing to supply that muzzle, it’s time for a new POTUS.

This is an issue of respect. Michelle Obama is married to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA yet she’s still dissing him.

Let’s get a pool of Manosphere money together to get our president some righteously freaky escorts. Since his wife is such a ball-busting bitch, our POTUS needs some fine, relaxed poontang and we’re the guys to arrange it.

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