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A Tale Of Two Blogs

Danny and I each have blogs. I’ve been blogging about a year. Danny has been blogging since June of this year. As we are both part of the dating and relationship division of the Manosphere, we cover some common ground. We also chat online periodically to discuss a variety of subjects, including blogging. Danny’s a good sort.

When you read Danny’s blog, you’ll see that his approach to blogging is quite personal and he reveals a great deal about his own life. As well as his usual talk about girls, he covers food and other subjects relevant to his life. His writing is, well, kind of folksy. It’s like he’s talking out loud and someone is taking dictation. I’m not going to call his writing sloppy because it’s appropriate for his overall style. Regardless, it’s quite approachable and fun to read.

Unlike Danny, I guard my anonymity more carefully and tend to be far less personal. Sure, I’ll share some personal stories but not to the degree that Danny does. Hey, it’s Danny’s blog and it’s very much about Danny. I applaud that. My writing is more abstract and covers ideas more than specific people or events.

The results of our respective blogging efforts are quite interesting. My blog gets about five times the page views as does Danny’s. I also get far more comments. Many bloggers in the Manosphere compare page view numbers. It’s a guy thing. Of course, Danny has a trump card in his Female Ejaculation page.

But there is something else other than page views that Danny’s blog attracts. He has women from around the country contacting him for advice and other types of communication. That happens with my blog but far less often. Quite frankly, Danny’s blog makes him much more approachable. This is not the case with my blog. I get far more comments but not much in the way of personal contact.

Through his blog, Danny comes across on a very personal level with solid Charisma. By reading his posts, the women understand who he is and the fact that he’s a cocky son of a bitch but with just enough vulnerability to make him attractive and approachable. As I reveal little of myself, I am more of an idea than a real person. I only have two personal photos and those are of my ugly dog.

The Manosphere has a range of blogs. To use the wretched cliché, it’s a big tent. Danny is the personal, I am the abstract, A Voice For Men is the political.

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