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Men, Beware The Narcissistic Female Blogger

I do read other female blogs, the non-narcissistic being the exceptions and I pointed those out already. I’m referring to the abundant female blogs where the blogger waxes poetic about her life, her feelings, her problems with men, her many emotional issues, etc. It’s all her and nothing but her. This is a warning to men – narcissistic female bloggers are not relationship material. It goes something like this:

A woman with emotional issues starts blogging. Her issues may be small or massive, it matters little. The blog is very self-aware but not introspective. There’s a bunch of them out there but they will receive no link love from me. Narcissists don’t need more attention.

Other women with the same emotional issues find the blog and chime in with platitudes and universal support. Negative comments are deleted. Massive validation ensues. The rationalization hamster causes the delusion propeller to spin. The blogger is now in a state of suspended delusion.

White Knights and sundry male orbiters chime in with compliments and supportive words. The delusion of emotional health is safely maintained with the added benefit male attention. “See, I’m still attractive to men!” The unspoken part is “so now I don’t have to change anything because I’m so fabulous!”

A man simply can’t form a relationship with such a woman because she’s closer to her blog and her delusions than she can ever be with a man. I don’t even recommend a fling with a narcissistic blogger because the man will likely appear in a blog post with some insane nickname. “I had a date with hat man yesterday and let me tell you all the ways he sucks.”

I have a peer in the Manosphere who actually pursues female bloggers. He’s a tough player with supremely tight Charisma and he knows he’s swimming in polluted waters when he pursues such bloggers. He owns up to his decisions so I won’t fault him too much. For the rest of us, find out if the woman has a blog before you even consider asking her for a date. If she blogs, she’s gone.

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