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The Private Man Has Completed His Journey

It is with great sadness that I have to inform everyone that Andrew Hansen a.k.a. The Private Man has completed his journey as of 9:27 PM April 3 2017.

As many know unfortunately his cancer had returned a few weeks ago and there was not much to be done to help him. He chose to face it head-on rather then try experimental treatments. His greatness and courage in the face of knowing his own mortal demise is an inspiration for us all.

It’s a great loss for not only all that followed his writing and his teachings but for those of us who consider him a friend. His last days were as comfortable as possible and he passed peacefully.

I can only hope that he realized how many peoples lives he touched and we were all better for knowing him. As the saying goes “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

Also I want to announce that this site will stay up. For any of his commenters I am Mark AKA Richard Cranium and I am honored and humbled that he is chosen me to keep his teachings and writings alive. There is much knowledge and wisdom to be learned here and I will do my best to keep his legacy preserved.

Godspeed my friend. Your time with us was short but meaningful.



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65 thoughts on “The Private Man Has Completed His Journey

  1. Love and hugs to you Andrew! I am so glad I got to know you. Peace in your next journey.

  2. David Anderson on said:

    did you mean to type “mortal” demise or “moral”? just saying

  3. Matt Lawrence on said:

    Goodbye, my friend.

  4. Seething Lurker on said:

    Godspeed, Private Man. You’ve touched the lives of many others and myself with your grace and wisdom, and finally, in the end, showed us all how a Man passes.

  5. Godspeed, Private Man.

  6. Jester on said:

    You touched a lot of people PM. Your mark lives on in all the peoples lives you changed. We’re all sad to see you go so soon, but we’re all relieved your suffering is over.
    You will be missed but not forgotten!
    Safe journey my man. =(

  7. Anna Rounseville on said:

    Dear Mark AKA Richard Cranium,
    Thank you so much for letting us know. I had wondered how he was doing, and though tears preceded writing this, I am comforted to know his last days were comfortable. I had many discussion on a site once known as Blab. I got to see past some of his rough exterior who he was. I had the privilege of showing him a video he had never seen of an artist we both enjoyed and it moved him. Sorry his life was cut short by this. He was a brave man with a keen intellect, tenderness, and a sense of fun. He will be missed. Thank you again for posting what had to be one of the hardest things to write, the epilogue of a friend.

  8. God bless you, my friend. I will miss your generous advice and support. We will all miss your insights and spirited conversation. Thank you, Andrew, for being you.

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  10. rugby11 on said:

    Love and gratitude. Like goldmund said the unkle we all wished we had.

  11. pavetack on said:

    No man is an island entire of itself; every man
    is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
    if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
    is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
    well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
    own were; any man’s death diminishes me,
    because I am involved in mankind.
    And therefore never send to know for whom
    the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
    –John Donne

  12. I knew there was a reason I was thinking of him yesterday, missing his wry wit and humor on #blab while hanging out with blabbers on #WeKiki

  13. Walker on said:

    RIP, we are all richer for having read Hansen’s literature.

    My condolences,


  14. Godspeed brother, and thank you from an older Red Pill Aware (former) OMG. Your work helped immensely on my journey back to the light

  15. John in Florida on said:

    R. I. P., Private Man. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  16. Good-bye, Private Man. I appreciated your writing.

  17. Matt on said:

    RIP brother

  18. thedeti on said:

    Thanks Drew.

    I’m better for having known you, even if it was just online. I owe you a debt I can never repay.

    Head on home. I’ll catch up to you eventually.


  19. I never had the opportunity to meet Andrew in person, but we did share several hours together on Blab before that service closed. He taught me so much in those few hours.

    I wished that he was still with us so I could learn so much more from him. Watching the talk he gave at a recent conference as well as an interview that he posted on Twitter was the last classroom experience I had with him.

    I enjoyed his voice with all of its dulcet tones.

    I didn’t get a chance to properly thank him prior to his passing.

    I look forward to the promised book that will be made of his posts. I will avail myself to help with that task is so needed.

    Andrew, thank you for all the work you did in the community to help men be men, not emasculated hulls.

    “Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

  20. Jafyk on said:

    Thank you Private Man for sharing your wisdom and humor through your videos. You have left a legacy behind. We know your work will touch the lives of many in the future. Farewell, farewell.

  21. Kyrie eleison.

  22. william on said:

    peace, my friend

  23. Anon on said:

    Oh crap. I thought he would make it until June…..


  24. Anon on said:

    It is great that a blog can serve as an easily-accessible mausoleum for others to visit for years to come, from any point in the world.

    That is a certain immortality.

  25. Ray Manta on said:

    He will be missed.

  26. LostSailor on said:

    I posted this on the cancer thread, but it bears repeating: Rest in peace, brother. You were an inspiration to me after my divorce when I was just beginning my Red Pill journey. And an inspiration as you completed your journey. Tom would be proud of that. It was an honor to know you, and glad I could help out with the motorcycle repairs.

    And, Mark, I’m happy you’ll be continuing here. I haven’t commented much lately, but will now make this a regular stop. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to keep TPM’s legacy a living one…

  27. Very gratified to know this blog is going to stay up, Mark.

    This info changes lives and is still very much considered ‘fringe’ when it ought to be common knowledge. The fight goes on, thanks for keeping the lights on at this outpost.

    Farewell Andrew, and thank you.

  28. Sidney Shapiro on said:

    Rest in Peace

  29. Amin Eftegarie on said:

    He was a great man. My condolences, and best wishes from The Netherlands to all his loved ones.


  30. Sidney Shapiro on said:

    Its such a sad thing that Andrew, the Private Man, passed away. Even though we may not stand each other at times, and even if we fell apart, we are all still part of one big family and at some level, always care about each other. I could never agree with his stance on women, but yet we managed to always find something to talk about. To think this is someone I spoke to for hours on end, shared stories, learned from, and on occasion gave it as good as I got it, will never be online again is really sad. I loved his stories of working on a oil rig in the Middle East, exploring the world, and trying to make sense of what was going on in his life. I think its easy to forget these people are real people, with real lives, trials and tribulations, when we are caught up in the amusement of the day. From goats to goading, we often need a reminder that life is all too fleeting. I know if he were here he would say “So how about them Braves” and change the subject, but I was impressed with how he dealt with his illness and lived in the face of, as I often remarked “ball cancer”, yes of course it was eyeball, but the joke was funny nonetheless. He would tell me stories about his experiences living in Florida and the exotic women he would want to conquer, while all the while laughing about the old Jewish seniors who occupied his world as background actors in Florida. Andrew loved to pontificate but would also listen intently, and when things were quiet, late at night, we would have serious conversations about life, the universe and everything without the show. I always appreciated his insight, and the wild life experience he got from riding his bike on the open road, wherever it would take him. He was generous with his time and his things, cared for his dog (which is also claimed was a chick magnet), and was a real friend to many. What I’m thinking about today is how we live the good life, the best we can have, and remember each other, hopefully in the best possible light. I’m sorry I never got the chance to meet him, I think that would have been an amazing experience. Rest in peace Andrew, Ill always remember you buddy.

  31. Much love Andrew. You’ll be missed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  32. Thank you Mark/Richard. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. We will all miss you.

  34. RIP — learned charisma and learned confidence – I am still working on it – thanks to you.

  35. Scott on said:

    Thank you!

  36. I.H. on said:

    I have absolutely no evidence, but I think he might have been a Cash fan.

    Thanks for everything Private Man.

  37. Phil DC on said:

    Very sad. I never met him in person or talked with him on the phone/Skype, but I started reading the blog in 2011 around the time that he came online. I had moved to a new city and was starting to date, as an older guy. I was running into the peculiarites that make many of today’s contemporary men scratch their heads, but it wasn’t until a few years later when I started to connect the dots.

    He was, in short, one of my entry points into the Manosphere — along with Karen Straughan, Aaron Clarey, and Stephand Molyneux. Not to mention Roosh and Roissy, and many others.

    He was born, he lived, and he died. Yet, he lives on in our memories.

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  39. Boxer on said:

    Reblogged this on v5k2c2 and commented:
    A moment to remember a solid and unassuming writer, who never came across as anything other than genuine. Go easy…

  40. Rebecca on said:

    To me, you were always Andrew; the man who sent my life sharply in a new direction. You taught me to take chances, to believe in myself, to keep writing, thinking, loving. You were the restless soul that was always searching, never finding what you were looking for. You were laughter, darkness, fear and loneliness, and you know, you always knew I loved you unconditionally.

    This “Private Man” is someone I never knew; but I knew the real guy. The one who loved deeply–though fearfully. The one who adored his mother and admired a strong woman. I knew the guy who stocked the freezer with Godiva ice cream just for me, whose own life too a sharp left turn when we met. And though our journeys landed us miles apart, I will always remember the bearded satirist who lit my soul on fire.

    I hope you Rest In Peace, with all your hearts desires finally fulfilled.

    Goodnight Bubba…


    Lurleen, A.K.A. “The little Southern Redhead”

  41. Luke Patterson on said:

    Thank you for all you have done. Rest in Peace my friend. My thoughts are with you family.

  42. Kesselcoatl on said:

    Thank you Andrew. And good luck to you as well Mark.

  43. I think you mean “mortal” not “moral”

  44. Olongapo on said:

    Fair winds and following seas. Grateful for the doors that you opened.

  45. Sinc on said:

    A-man, You will be missed, but not forgotten.

    I’m sailing away set an open course for the virgin sea
    I’ve got to be free free to face the life that’s ahead of me
    On board I’m the captain so climb aboard
    We’ll search for tomorrow on every shore
    And I’ll try oh Lord I’ll try to carry on

    I look to the sea reflections in the waves spark my memory
    Some happy some sad
    I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had
    We live happily forever so the story goes
    But somehow we missed out on that pot of gold
    But we’ll try best that we can to carry on

    A gathering of angels appeared above my head
    They sang to me this song of hope and this is what they said
    They said come sail away come sail away
    Come sail away with me
    Come sail away come sail away

    I thought that they were angels but to my surprise
    They climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies
    Singing, come sail away come sail away
    Come sail away with me
    Come sail away come sail away

    RIP! and glad you made that “sail trip” to the south FL that enabled us to meet and work together.

  46. Dusko on said:

    RIP Brother

  47. jamesmarkii on said:

    Godspeed Buddy. See you on the other side.

  48. Wrote to you multiple times privately; wanted to acknowledge you publicly. Drew, you’re a good writer, a quick wit, and have never been anything but fairminded – a quality that really sets you apart. Most importantly, you’re a good man who left a real impact. I consider myself lucky to have known you and I can only hope that you felt you lived the life you wanted to live. Rest in peace, my friend.

  49. One last thing.

    Thanks much. You take care, now.

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  51. Redders on said:


  52. I always talked to Drew one on one. He was always up front with me and didn’t give me any BS. One of the VERY few in the community I considered a friend. I talked him into dropping the anon bs. God speed Brother

  53. stanton on said:

    Many thanks for wisdom and sharing critical thinking.

  54. Jonathan on said:

    Damn, I just saw this. Very sad news. RIP, my friend.

  55. very sad, always enjoyed reading his work

  56. Vilma Gamez on said:

    Te quise mucho Andrew!
    Te quisimos mucho, te valoramos y te respetamos. Te recordaremos siempre mi amor.

    Que descanses en Paz.

  57. Wild on said:

    R.I.P., warrior. You fought bravely. I will keep part of what you said with me forever. Thanks!

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