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Reader Mail

My request for advice-seeking emails has yielded a winner. DC Philo writes [I’ve done some judicious editing to get the crux of his questions – my comments are in bold]:

I have two questions:

1.  I turned 40 this year.  

At 40, I feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I’m in good health, good shape, well-educated, well-traveled, articulate, and sophisticated.  

So, with all that, I’m wondering how to best approach the dating scene with the “disadvantage” of being 40.

Any thoughts?  I know you’re over 40, so this is why I wanted to know.  I’m some ways, I wish I was 32 again, but I wasn’t at the mental stage I am now back then.

Behold, you are blessed for being a man over 35. You have achieved wisdom and experience and the girlies will adore you for it. 40 is perfect for a wide range of ages in the opposite sex for you to attract. This is not some “you go, boy!” bullshit. Men age like fine wine and if you lay down some righteous Charisma on the girlies, you will do just fine, from mid-20s right on up.

Just keep in mind your demographic and your station in life. At 40, you’re going to mostly attract two types of women: The baby-rabies crowd and the single mom crowd. The first group will want your sperm and then your resources. The second will want just your resources and then maybe your sperm. Regardless, if you don’t want kids, get a vasectomy lest you find yourself in a trap.

His next question is germane to the subject of dames…

2.  Then there’s the subject of location.  I live in Washington, DC.  To some (e.g., Roosh) this is like the second or third cycle of hell above Satan when it comes to women.  

So, one plus of DC is a surfeit of smart women vs. trailer-park trash that’s more and more common in my hometown.  One negative, as others have mentioned, is a lack of sufficiently friendly, feminine, and DTF women.  

I think I do better with foreign women, and DC has its fair share.  Trouble is to find them.  DC has its own culture, and some say that women are better in the south: e.g., Charleston, Charlotte, and Austin.  Thoughts?

DC must be a terrible place for singles. I correspond with a female blogger in DC and she reports that it’s simply awful. Shit, I’m in South Florid and DC scares the crap out of me regarding dating. Yet as you seem to do well with foreign women, I can see the appeal of staying there.

I do recommend Southern cities for warmth and friendliness. I’m a bit suspicious of Charlotte but I strongly recommend Atlanta. Charleston (I’ve lived there) is a fine place but small. It’s also extremely touristy and not of the girls just want to have fun type of tourists.

Keep those letters coming!

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