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Femininity – You Have To Take The Good With The Bad

The Manosphere has a huge hue and cry over the lack of femininity in modern, American women. We decry the dearth of feminine appearance and attitude. Every single Manosphere blog, website, and forum has a multitude of posts and comments about this subject. It’s often strident. We are demanding femininity yet we’re not completely understanding femininity.

There is a core group of female characteristics that is most vexing to men:

  • Emotional weakness
  • Lack of introspection
  • Selfishness
  • Lack of logic and reason

It is important to know that these are female characteristics hard-wired into the female brain. They will never, ever go away. Perhaps one of my readers will delve in the evolutionary psychology behind this. With that in mind, it’s utterly pointless to waste our precious time on telling women to behave better. Complaining about these characteristics (I am guilty of this, too) makes us appear, well, feminine.

The best we Red Pill men can do is to give blue pill men the vital information required to successfully manage these massively frustrating female characteristics. It’s a sort of end run around women’s emotional sensitivities and might very well be a better strategy in the long run: “You mean men have to be taught how to put up with our bullshit?” Frankly, yes. That was the job of fathers

Fundamentally, this means that in order for blue pill men to take the Red Pill, they need to change their expectations regarding women.

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