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Racism In Dating?! (Not This Crap Again)

Start here. Read the article. Do some research on the author. Then come back to this blog post. Here’s a quote from the piece:

In 2014, the data-obsessed OKCupid calculated the odds of a user “liking” a profile on its Tinder-like service Quickmatch. When it comes to straight daters, they discovered that women expressed a strong preference for men of their own race. But one group of males fared particularly well outside of their race: Asian and Latina women showed above average odds of “liking” profiles featuring white men.

[Note: I’m ignoring the part about the online dating website about white folks seeking white folks]

I’ve written about this before and each time this accusation of racism in dating preferences erupts like an infected cultural cyst, it must be cleaned up with alacrity. First of all, “data-obsessed” is a great thing. Data shows patterns of human behavior. Data shows generalizations, a good thing for helping to understand human nature. Don’t like it? Tough shit, sociologists and psychologists need such data. OKCupid has some of the best research of real, honest human behavior based on real actions, not some bullshit surveys rife with sample bias.

Hey Tracy Clark-Flory, how about “my body my choice” be applied to attraction preferences between the sexes? Imposing still more social expectations on attraction and dating won’t make the process any easier. Such expectations only serve to increase personal frustration. If a woman prefers one type of man, where do you get the vile conceit that you can apply some sort of pressure for her to change her perfectly natural preferences? Dating preferences are private. Attraction happens between our ears, away from the prying eyes of politically correct busy-bodies anxious to transform dating into a delusional utopia.

Wait, there’s more!

In a blog post, OKCupid’s Christian Rudder refrained from labeling these preferences as racist. “On an individual level, a person can’t really control who turns them on—and almost everyone has a ‘type,’ one way or another,” he wrote. “But I do think the trend—that fact that race is a sexual factor for so many individuals, and in such a consistent way—says something about race’s role in our society.”

Good for Rudder. He’s a data guy, not a politically correct guy. He’s also clearly aware of the perils of collecting such data. Ever hear of the term “hate facts“? Rudder certainly has so he selects his words carefully. Private human behavior is not politically correct. What happens between our ears is the zenith of privacy if it’s not spoken or acted upon. Until the thought police becomes real, attraction can’t be enforced by social justice warriors or even shamed by that same group of cultural miscreants.

Tracy Clark-Flory is attempting to play the race card in a game where she, and her unpleasant ilk, are unwelcome. Think of a party crasher with bad manners and poor hygiene. Attraction is not a choice. It can’t be shamed. It can’t be negotiated. Anyone who falls for such nonsense is clearly not ready for dating. The ugly stink of political correctness must be washed off before attempting to start using online dating websites. As well, dating is not about achieving cultural ideals. It’s about fulfilling personal relationship goals. Let’s wrap up with a last quote from the article:

In other words, swiping right on a white guy seems more innocuous than navigating over to Where White People Meet, but on a societal level, it just might be a smaller expression of everyday racism.

“Everyday racism”. No, everyday social shaming from you, you horrible person. I recommend that every online dating user swipe how he or she decides based on his or her own personal preferences. This applies to everyone, straight or not. As someone who provides attraction and dating information based on reality, I will never shame a woman into desiring a short guy. I won’t shame a guy into desiring an overweight woman.

Something else I haven’t mentioned in this blog post, my own individual dating experiences and preferences. Why? Because it’s none of anyone’s fucking business.

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15 thoughts on “Racism In Dating?! (Not This Crap Again)

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  2. fuzziewuzziebear on said:

    Periodically, feminists write posts like this shaming people into trying something against their natural inclinations. It’s vanity of the highest order to think that they can change the demand in the sexual marketplace. Feminists do pay very close attention to the SMP and it must be that they want to be seen to be improving the lot of women. They have done a lot of damage.

    About Tracy Clark-Flory. I haven’t heard much from her in the last ouple of years but, isn’t she the self promoted sex expert that admitted, before she got married, that none of the men she had sex with gave her an orgasm? This doesn’t speak well.

    OkCupid would be a wonderful data mine if they were more generous. Why do I get the feeling that we are being spoon fed info?

    • I think the progressive, blank-slaters make a stab at attraction and dating because it’s one of few social realms where people act in very individualistic ways away from social expectations foisted upon us by those same progressive, blank-slaters. Of course, attraction and dating is under the pall of emotional pornography. #facepalm.

      I think the data mine from OKCupid is going to run out of cultural ore because bought them out. A lot of online dating websites are way too opaque with their data. I give Rutter major props when he was still crunching the numbers.

  3. I spent most of my life as a redhead (yes, I have no soul) and I have always been strongly attracted to other redheads. I’m one of those people who has a strong attraction to those who appear to be part of my tribe. There are others who are very xenophilic and are very attracted to people who are very different. And a lot of this is wired in, not learned behavior.

  4. Paul Moore on said:

    I like thin brunettes. Does this make me a Blondist or an Anorexiphile?

  5. ‘RAcism’ in dating????

    Absolutely. And rightly so. RAce matters, the characteristics of people and their continuation matter, so yes, discrimination is reasonable and present.

    To be upset with this is to hate race, and wish it destroyed. And as always, some races are more targets of ‘anti-racism’ and envy than others.

    Anti-racist just means anti-white. Freedom now from this enforced, coercive, parasitic, anti-white, genocidal diversity scam. Enough.

  6. elmertjones on said:

    Flory had a sex advice column on Salon but left because they don’t pay their click-bait journalists.

    Salon routinely runs essays about alleged sexism and racism. It’s Joan Walsh’s bread and butter. Joan Walsh, who lives in a gated all-white community and has no life experience with blacks, has gotten wealthy stoking anti-white racism.

    In the days following the mass Cologne sex assaults they ignored the story completely and chose to post an essay about female scientists being “forced to endure” a culture of sexual harassment (by white men of course). They also ran an essay about the health benefits of drinking urine.

    Salon have not published a single word about the organized sex assaults on German women. Other feminist webzines are also avoiding the stench of this story.

    Fact is, female careerism is responsible for what is now happening in Germany and other feminist democracies. Aging female career spinsters are inviting Muslim hordes into their country with predictable results. Their advice on dating is equally toxic.

  7. replyguy on said:

    The difference between “I’m not interested in women” and “I’m not interested in people outside my own race” is that there are essential differences between ALL women and ALL men.

    Race, on the other hand, is a very nebulous thing. There are “white” people with pretty dark skin, and “black” people with very light skin, for instance. And what about people of mixed race?

    Even if you tend to not be attracted to members of a certain race, why not give them a chance and take half a second to look at their photo before you dismiss them?

    • “Even if you tend to not be attracted to members of a certain race, why not give them a chance and take half a second to look at their photo before you dismiss them?”

      Why should you feel obligated to override your innate sexual preferences? Isn’t that exactly what leftists decry? “I was born [gay/transgender/hermaphroditic purple-tentacled spacemonster]. Keep your politics out of my bedroom!”

      For what end are you fighting biology, again? To advance an ideology? (More diversity! Let’s make everyone and everything “equal!”) Or to pacify some millennial wallflower’s narcissistic rage? (Everyone’s a winner! Participation trophies for all!) Whatever the case, these kinds of dumb-Utopian impulses are harebrained, anti-human, and destined to result in all sorts of harmful failure modes and contingencies. Be more tolerant of intolerance, shitloard.

  8. Yeah, see Salon hates White people. White people can take care of themselves and don’t need the old hag who protects a serial rapist to promise them a life so three minute hate before pigging out on munchies.
    You’d probably like to think these “Social Justice Warriors” actually give a shit about brown people and animals. But you’d be wrong if you do. When you see these sixteen ton womyn who couldn’t get a date for the prom and never sat at the cool table in High School, it hits you. Its not justice, its passive aggressive loser.

  9. Cultural differences should never be a ground for personal relationship. I think women prefer to date men of the same culture to avoid cultural differences that could be the possible reason of conflicts. But, isn’t it unfair to judge someone from his/her race? I like what you’ve said that you’ll never be ashamed of a woman into desiring a short guy and on the other hand, a guy into desiring an overweight woman. I think that “desire” is so pure that you’ve got to see something from within that person – the “soul” which unfortunately, other people failed to see. Anyway, there are lots of online dating sites that help meet new people anywhere whether for friendships, dating, relationships or business.

  10. Timbo on said:

    The truth is that these whackos will never be content until every pretty little white girl is having little brown babies and living on welfare!

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