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Female-Written Blogs That I Follow

Of the many blogs I follow (mostly Manosphere), there is a small group of blogs written by women which I find compelling and interesting. I certainly don’t consider these blogs as part of the Manosphere or even necessarily Red Pill blogs. These are blogs where the writer has something interesting and relevant to say regarding the relationships between men and women.

Hooking Up Smart

This is kind of a no-brainer. This blog presents some very good information about the sexual market place (SMP) and Susan Walsh has a lot to say. Her comments frequently run into the hundreds. Susan has been mentioned in Atlantic Magazine and will like garner far more mainstream media attention. She’s not without controversy and several well-known Manosphere bloggers have recently stepped back from her blog.


BB is a married woman living somewhere in the US. Hell, I don’t even know how old she is. Regardless, she has a wonderful understanding of the appeal of femininity without all the politically correct crap. Her exercise in becoming more feminine is a fascinating read. I linked to it with this post.

Blogging Belitta

Another woman who understands the power of femininity. Belitta is younger and a traditional Catholic. Her journey to find happiness in the chaos of Dating 2.0 is quite fascinating. She’s got an excellent sense of introspection, a rare commodity in a woman..

And That’s Why Your Single

This is a more commercial blog with a good Red Pill message to the typical women who overestimates her value and who refuses to understand men. “Moxie” dispenses some fairly tough love with good posts and excellent comments. The photos she uses are sometimes rather sensual… hubba hubba!

Ask Miss Malice

At Danny’s request, I have started following Miss Malice. She’s a young woman with a keen comprehension of the current state of the male-female socio-sexual dynamic. There’s plenty of snark in her posts. This is a blog to watch.


I mentioned Sofia some months before. A Canadian, Sofia blogs on a number of topics with wit, intelligence, and sometimes rather sexual themes. She doesn’t always blog consistently and her posts come in fits and starts. Regardless, it’s a blog to follow.


I stumbled upon her video and was blown away. She’s recently been added as a contributor to A Voice For Men and here’s her AVfM author’s page. She’s has articles to read and videos to watch.  Another Canadian, this woman gets it.

Haley’s Halo

A woman coming from the Christian point of view, Haley writes well about more Christian issues and those issues intersect with the concept of the SMP. She’s taken a shot or two at one of my posts in the past but that bothers me little.

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