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Should I Give Dating and Relationship Advice?

Short post:

I’ve received some emails requesting dating and relationship advice.

I’m better at the dating advice, less so at the relationship advice.  Relationship advice should come from Athol Kay.

So, should I give advice via a separate page?

EDIT: As in responding to specific questions submitted by readers.

You, tell me.


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18 thoughts on “Should I Give Dating and Relationship Advice?

  1. I can’t tell you what YOU should do, but I myself wouldn’t… not unless the symptoms were obvious.

    It’s a shame that the old Tucker Max Advice Board isn’t still around. There was a lot of wisdom on there.

  2. You should give advice on lawn care.

  3. johnnymilfquest on said:

    You should definitely do the Agony Uncle schtick with the dating advice.

    You could divide the relationship advice questions into two piles.

    1. DTBA (Dump The Bitch Already).

    2. The relationship could be salvaged.

    Paging Yohami (in an LTR), Keoni Galt (married) and Athol Kay (married).

  4. Go for the “reader mailbag” ala Roissy. That way you only have to do an occasion letter as it suits you, with the writers permission.

    You are a great choice as a relationship guy as you had (sorry dont mean to be offensive) your “beta times” and have learned from the experience.

    • Agreed.

      Examples illustrate principles. Unless this would defeat some ulterior motive of yours, it would only improve the blog.

    • Think of it this way; If I were to give relationship advice, I’d say stop being a fat cow to your husband by doing Dead Lifts and Squats and dont be a bitch.

      Certainly you can be more explanatory than me, so better you than me.

      No fat chicks.

  5. TPM

    I say go for it. It would give you a chance to show your “poetry in motion”, that is, show how the principles you espouse work out in the real. Get your hands dirty; it takes earth and soil to make flowers bloom.

  6. 50fifty50 on said:

    Why not go for it, we can always end up contributing so the email’er will get a whole load of opinions!

  7. BTW just for the fuck of it I went on and tried to register. I can’t; there is no “married” option. But anyway I’m 59 so said i was looking for a woman 45-52 and now there sending me pics. Women 45 do not want 59 year old guys; 52 is the general cutoff. Plus most are fat, all are ugly.I would much rather jerkoff than fuck any of them. I cannot imagine what they would “switch” to (earlier column) because the bait looked like total shit, thinking of fucking it would shrivel your pecked like a spider on a red hot skillet.

    The amount of Viagra, Cialis etc. you’d have to take to even get the remotest, limpest hard on this side of Catholic priest without an altar boy. If you’re single and my age, unless you’re a multi-millionaire, get a fresh jar of mayonnaise and soem porn.

  8. I do think your advice column could have a 3 option approach to keep it focused so it didn’t wander into bitch talk. Something like STAY PLAY AWAY.

    STAY: You feel the relationship is worth something, so your advice reflects concise practical ways to address issues raised.

    PLAY: Relationship is iffy, so advice geared to getting as much out of it (read:sex) and plumming/exploiting it like the Gestapo did the Occupied Areas in WWII.

    AWAY: Out, now. Advice on how to do it with minimal drama. Have him listen to Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” from over 3 decades ago.

    At the start you signal the general direction the advice is going to take so the dude can speed things up if he’s in a hurry.

  9. Yes. You’re female readers (ie: me) would appreciate the male insight – even if it’s way off the mark! And, if you do…contact me! Truth be told, I find men way more complicated than women are on any given day.

  10. I would be all for that.

    I previously gave advice on a forum (will leave unnamed) then decided to leave and just post my random thoughts based on real-life questions. I do answer advice questions though, as evidenced by my recent post. Never hurts to help people (or give an extra take)!

  11. just visiting on said:

    Go for it.

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