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Relationship Language Ruined By Political Correctness

It’s known that women are turned on by dominant men. We’re just not allowed to use the word “dominant”. Political correctness has assigned way too many negative connotations to that word so we are left with an enormous linguistic problem. Do we plow through the connotations and still use the word and suffer the cruel stupidity of the politically correct by being anti-PC? Or, do we find alternate words that may lack the soundness and accuracy of “dominant”.

As I am a proselytizer of the Red Pill philosophy, I choose to find alternate and safer words and phrases to make the concept of a dominant man less noxious to the politically correct crowd. For example, “leadership role” is a handy phrase. A man needs to take a leadership role in a relationship. This works because the word dominant connotes that “submissive” must be somewhere in the relationship. “Submissive” is anathema to political correctness.

Ironically, submission is a key part of male-female relationships yet the word cannot be spoken. Shakespeare got it quite right when he penned “The Taming Of The Shrew”. He well understood that a man must lead in the relationship. Yet with “lead” comes the role of “follow” and once again we are potentially in the blades of the politically correct shredder.

This is all ferociously awkward and there is no easy solution. Interestingly, there is a small collection of foreign words regarding relationships that truly define some elements of a relationship that the English language can’t quite cover. Hat tip to the Hooking Up Smart forum for that. What we really need is a new word. As English is a rather flexible language, a new word is not inconceivable. Here is the definition of that new word.

A happy relationship where the man is leading and the woman is eagerly and lovingly accepting his leadership.

The word must have no negative connotations or associated meanings. It’s a tough order to fill. Even though I am a writer, I am rather stumped. Or, maybe I’m just lazy.

If the Germans weren’t so, well, German, there would be a word in that language.

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