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In Femininity, There Is Strength

The current social expectation is that femininity is considered a weakness. It’s an extraordinarily entrenched idea in our collective psyches. The denizens of the Manosphere continue to rail with gusto about the masculinization of Anglosphere women. It’s a 100% valid issue and the drumbeat against this must never cease.

The comeback from the politically correct crowd is usually a variation of “you want women back in the kitchen and submissive to their men!” Hey, I like a good straw man argument as much as the next Manosphere blogger, those are such easy arguments to casually brush aside. Yet the opposition clings to the notion that being feminine is somehow being weak.

Of course, the femininity-is-weakness model fits nicely into the overall victim ideology of the politically correct crowd. But that assumes that if a woman is a victim, she’s already being feminine because, ta-da!, she’s weak, and therefore a victim. It gets kind of circular and I don’t have enough beer to deal with that. It takes some serious drinking to break the circle of a circular argument.

“Never depend on a man!” stoutly states a previous generation of mothers hell-bent on preventing their daughters from falling into the trap of dependency. “It’s a man’s world and you’re got to be strong and independent!” This from two generations of socio-political and mostly female activists hell-bent on altering the social expectations that apparently had woman in some form of domestic bondage. But that apparent bondage occurred over 50 years ago, it’s almost ancient history by American standards.

Social history aside, we’re faced with a social expectation that demeans femininity while ignoring its strength. I’ll start and let my brilliant commenters follow.

The strengths of femininity:

  • Pleasantness in the face of rudeness
  • Happiness in the face of sorrow
  • Willingness to forgive
  • Desire to nurture and not control
  • Discretion despite anger
  • Modesty when others insist on exposure
  • Kindness in the face of belligerence

You get the idea? Chime in… let’s turn around the idea that being feminine is being weak. This, I decree!

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