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A Tale Of Two Blogs

Danny and I each have blogs. I’ve been blogging about a year. Danny has been blogging since June of this year. As we are both part of the dating and relationship division of the Manosphere, we cover some common ground. We also chat online periodically to discuss a variety of subjects, including blogging. Danny’s a good sort.

When you read Danny’s blog, you’ll see that his approach to blogging is quite personal and he reveals a great deal about his own life. As well as his usual talk about girls, he covers food and other subjects relevant to his life. His writing is, well, kind of folksy. It’s like he’s talking out loud and someone is taking dictation. I’m not going to call his writing sloppy because it’s appropriate for his overall style. Regardless, it’s quite approachable and fun to read.

Unlike Danny, I guard my anonymity more carefully and tend to be far less personal. Sure, I’ll share some personal stories but not to the degree that Danny does. Hey, it’s Danny’s blog and it’s very much about Danny. I applaud that. My writing is more abstract and covers ideas more than specific people or events.

The results of our respective blogging efforts are quite interesting. My blog gets about five times the page views as does Danny’s. I also get far more comments. Many bloggers in the Manosphere compare page view numbers. It’s a guy thing. Of course, Danny has a trump card in his Female Ejaculation page.

But there is something else other than page views that Danny’s blog attracts. He has women from around the country contacting him for advice and other types of communication. That happens with my blog but far less often. Quite frankly, Danny’s blog makes him much more approachable. This is not the case with my blog. I get far more comments but not much in the way of personal contact.

Through his blog, Danny comes across on a very personal level with solid Charisma. By reading his posts, the women understand who he is and the fact that he’s a cocky son of a bitch but with just enough vulnerability to make him attractive and approachable. As I reveal little of myself, I am more of an idea than a real person. I only have two personal photos and those are of my ugly dog.

The Manosphere has a range of blogs. To use the wretched cliché, it’s a big tent. Danny is the personal, I am the abstract, A Voice For Men is the political.

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26 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Blogs

  1. Chad Daring on said:

    And Fly and I are the young kids sitting your guys’ lawns. Still not gonna mow it old man.

    I love the diversity of the Manosphere. I like that we all almost always have the same general opinions on things, our thoughts are homogeneous, but our ways of expressing them are night and day in some cases.

    There are only so many general topics we can talk about, and everyone else has usually done that topic is some way shape or form, but because of the individual nature of each blog it makes the same subject matter new and fresh.

    And to take a cheap stab, I compare us to the female bloggers I’ve (limitedly) read and they all sound exactly the same.

  2. Thanks Brother. I appreciate it.

    “folksy” nice way of putting it.

  3. And I feel obligated to mention (as I have on Badger’s site when he showed me love) that I am blog krytonite. Mentioning me is an assured way to make this post dryer than 90 yo punani. Lol.

    I spent 10 minutes proof reading this you Dick. Thanks.

  4. just visiting on said:

    It’s a big tent. And there’s something to be said about food porn that sends electric jolts through the female brain. His approach is a more personal one.

    Your blog is more abstract and geared primarily to a male audience. (Hey, it is the manosphere after all.) It’s still the first blog in the sphere that I check out. You have some great topics that have sparked debate, and your trolls are the most colorful.

    As for email advice, who knows. Wouldn’t want to impose.

  5. PM, Danny:

    Don’t go changin’, to try and please me.

  6. JV-

    so you’re saying….MORE FOOD PORN? lol. i’m all about blog tingles.

    • just visiting on said:

      Ha. I don’t know what it is about images of beautifully prepared meals. Makes me restless to get in the kitchen and re-create them.

  7. Did a quick check of his site. He is 5’4″ like me, which generally puts women at ease when you talk to them. I Not sure why he doesn’t seem to like Roissy. I think he has one of the most elegant way of saying obnoxious things.

  8. PK-
    I don’t have anything against Roissy. He puts out great stuff. I just said I don’t go to his site. His take isn’t mine. But I’d never say he was full of shit; quite the opposite. He’s spot on.

    But I’m not him, I’m Me.

  9. just visiting on said:

    I am more of an idea than a real person.

    Hmmnn. No.
    PM, your writing style still allows for your wit, humor, or outrage to come through. It’s tough to write abstractly yet still allow your personality to come through. You’ve managed to do this and connect with your blog readers.

    If you’re open to the idea of your readers contacting you, invite them to do so. I seem to recall that the number of comments jumped when you specifically told your readers to comment. (Hey, how alpha is that. lol.) Then there was the post to your lurking readers. It all depends on what suits you.

  10. He is more cynical though too. Do you cook?

    • just visiting on said:

      And a touch more arrogant. Ha.
      Do I cook? Like a demon. I have a theory that prepared foods create obesity. So, everything my family ate was made by me, right down to the bread on the table.

      There was a learning curve though. The first year of marriage saw my ex eating some rather “interesting” fare as well as my setting fire to the kitchen…….

  11. I cook, I was referring to dan since he mentioned food porn. I learned to cook to follow the paleo diet. Well I have always cooked some foods, but really have been cooking the last 2 years.

  12. just visiting on said:

    I heard about the paleo thing on the blogs.

  13. JV-

    Are you calling me arrogant? Lol. I think someone needs to be spanked. Lol.


    I cook damn near everything. In my 20’d I’d mention my cooking to a date, and she’d typically keep asking me to cook for her. The 3-4th date was the “cooking” date and I always made steak ua poivre.

    It always got me laid.

  14. I have impressed some family friend with my almond “matzah” balls. Not sure how you take it to the lay though. It might be funny to hype up how well I can cook, than just make scrambled eggs for the chick. Although since I cook a lot it seems like you royally get screwed price wise for the food. You might spend 20 bucks to get a quarter of a ribeye, and small portions of vegetables.

    • i described above how to take it to the lay.

      brag about cooking ability, tell her you don’t just cook for every woman. 3-4th date allow her to come by and cook for her.

      i’d be surprised if she doesn’t give it up. it always worked for me.

  15. Could you do it in less dates? 3 dates could be pricey unless they are unconventional.

  16. Depends on your game. Dates don’t need to cost $$$$, just be creative. At a minimum I do 3 dates.

    Some of my best dates cost the least $$$

    • This! Seriously, there is NO reason to spend lots of money on dates. Ice cream, coffee, walk in a park, three county crime spree, whatever.

    • My best dates have been where the guy has spent time with me, as opposed to money. Really able to get to know each other well, and spend time talking. I really like dates where we walk and talk (like a museum, botanical garden) or do and talk (motorcycle ride, picnic out in the country.) Much more relaxing than getting all dressed up and uptight trying to impress each other.

      • Ad that’s why yer such a good egg Bb. Luff you.

        It’s not the money spent, it’s the quality of time spent. Good quality time equals more tingles than money spent.

  17. Yall beefing or it just a comparison of diverse blogs?

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