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Reign Her In

[The Post Title Is A Pun]

Spread this around… especially to men who claim to be Democrats.

Barbara Walters, ABC News: “What is your biggest peeve of each other?”

President Obama: “I don’t have one.”

Walters: “Aww.”

Michelle Obama: “My list is too long.”

(From Real Clear Politics.)

The First Lady needs a muzzle. Seriously. If the POTUS isn’t willing to supply that muzzle, it’s time for a new POTUS.

This is an issue of respect. Michelle Obama is married to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA yet she’s still dissing him.

Let’s get a pool of Manosphere money together to get our president some righteously freaky escorts. Since his wife is such a ball-busting bitch, our POTUS needs some fine, relaxed poontang and we’re the guys to arrange it.

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22 thoughts on “Reign Her In

  1. I’m not even American and I would consider throwing some of our Monopoly money in the kitty to get him some respectful tail!

    Michelle… STFU and go make Barack a sammich!

  2. The Geographer on said:

    We just need a President who’s not been castrated. I’m not buying hookers for that pussy.

  3. just visiting on said:

    I don’t think it would help. Kinda figured it was a marriage of convenience.

  4. I honestly look at your President and I see the wimpy guys who used to play D&D in the hallways at lunch. It is fine to be a guy like that, hell I’m geeky too, but those guys ended up as engineers, computer techs, and financial analysts, not Presidents.

    I look at him and I think “there is a guy who has never dominated a girl in bed, the kind of guy who asks a girl for permission to kiss her on a first date.”

  5. sestamibi on said:

    Agree with your premise, but it’s “rein her in”.

  6. Professor Beta on said:

    He should have said, “My wife’s ass is way too big.” Michelle, Barbara, and millions of voters would have had more respect for him.

  7. Barbara Walters, ABC News: “What is your biggest peeve of each other?”

    President Obama: “She seems to think being sassy is cute, when in reality it’s unattractive.”

    Walters: “!”

    Michelle Obama: “My list is too long.”

  8. It was a joke, no?
    Mr Obama himself saw the funny side…

    Hmmm, gentlemen, are you overreacting a bit here? Killing ants with a sledgehemmer? Michelle O is the kind of woman, I would imagine, who would respect all men, especially her husband. That’s the impression I get of her. She is not a bitch. I think Mr O knows that too. Otherwise he would not have laughed at what she said.

    • No, we are not overreacting. Otherwise you would not not be reduced writing that a woman who put down her husband on national TV “would respect all men”.

      The point is that the First Wife could have taken the high road. He did.

      The bleeping point is that there are sources of humor other than the man you are with.

      The bloody point is that if you can not compreend that, you are unfit to be the wife, the mistress or even a casual unprotected fling for any man that cares for his own happiness and that of his male offspring, because then you are too poisonous to live with.

      Was I clear?

  9. knepper on said:

    Michelle–Well, he’s a Communist radical who’s never had a real job in his life, wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in his tiny little tush, and is trying to overthrow the Constitution and set himself up as dictator-for-life of a socialist utopia. But he does have some bad points too…

  10. Obstinance Works on said:

    How ’bout the army dude who asked the first lady out to a dance or something and she was like, “yeah”.

  11. freebird on said:

    He could open the 100th Presidential Cabinet for the promotion of wymyn’s superiority to study how he could be more submissive.

    Men’s rights?
    He has no concept nor concern.
    4 mo years of VAWA

    4 mo years of misandry

    Oh yeah, the gratuitous
    “She looks like a baboon”

  12. blogster on said:

    sorry – have to file this post under ‘l’, as in ‘looking for something that isn’t there’!

    knepper i seriously doubt, like most americans, you actually know what communism is – you seem to think even lending someone a helping hand is communist.

    try looking at who frequently tops the quality of life surveys – it ain’t america!

  13. scottmac56 on said:

    (Disclaimer: I’m a lifelong, yellow-dog Democrat. And this has nothing to do with political orientation.)

    Seriously, this surprises you why?! The only reason Laura Bush never publicly said it about Dubya is because Rove and Cheney would have swiftly banished her to “an undisclosed location.” The only reason Nancy never publicly said it about Ronnie is because she kept the senile old fool’s testicles securely in her handbag.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  14. Lmao hilarious!

    That’s just typical black women being domineering on the low.

  15. Miss_Fu on said:

    From the same interview:
    Michelle: “He’s a lot of fun and he’s very sweet.”
    Walters: “Aww.”
    Michelle: “And he loves his wife and his children very deeply and he’s doing a great job.”
    Barack: “And I’m funny.” (looks over at wife for affirmation) “I’m a funny guy.”
    Michelle: “Yeah, your funny.” (pats his knee) “Yeah, you can be funny.”
    Walters: “She doesn’t seem too [convinced].”
    Michelle: “No he’ funny. I’m funnier.” (laughs)
    Barack: “I’m funnier.”
    Walters: (laughs)
    Barack: “I think we all agree on that. But the reason she’s funnier is that she’s allowed to tease me but I can’ tease her.”
    Michelle: “No, he cannot tease me back.” (leans back a little)
    Walters: “Aww, I see.”
    Michelle: “It’s-it’s, you know, it only makes sense.”
    Barack: “It’s a double standard.”
    Michelle: “It makes our marriage strong.”

    • Wow. I’ve been reading manosphere blogs so long I forgot that most people are blue pill.

      What a staggeringly confounded statement. He’s not allowed to tease her.

      It’s painful to hear a president say such an ignorant and ball-less thing.

  16. the dude on said:

    He chose her, you voted for him.

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