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My request for advice-seeking emails has yielded a winner. DC Philo writes [I’ve done some judicious editing to get the crux of his questions – my comments are in bold]:

I have two questions:

1.  I turned 40 this year.  

At 40, I feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I’m in good health, good shape, well-educated, well-traveled, articulate, and sophisticated.  

So, with all that, I’m wondering how to best approach the dating scene with the “disadvantage” of being 40.

Any thoughts?  I know you’re over 40, so this is why I wanted to know.  I’m some ways, I wish I was 32 again, but I wasn’t at the mental stage I am now back then.

Behold, you are blessed for being a man over 35. You have achieved wisdom and experience and the girlies will adore you for it. 40 is perfect for a wide range of ages in the opposite sex for you to attract. This is not some “you go, boy!” bullshit. Men age like fine wine and if you lay down some righteous Charisma on the girlies, you will do just fine, from mid-20s right on up.

Just keep in mind your demographic and your station in life. At 40, you’re going to mostly attract two types of women: The baby-rabies crowd and the single mom crowd. The first group will want your sperm and then your resources. The second will want just your resources and then maybe your sperm. Regardless, if you don’t want kids, get a vasectomy lest you find yourself in a trap.

His next question is germane to the subject of dames…

2.  Then there’s the subject of location.  I live in Washington, DC.  To some (e.g., Roosh) this is like the second or third cycle of hell above Satan when it comes to women.  

So, one plus of DC is a surfeit of smart women vs. trailer-park trash that’s more and more common in my hometown.  One negative, as others have mentioned, is a lack of sufficiently friendly, feminine, and DTF women.  

I think I do better with foreign women, and DC has its fair share.  Trouble is to find them.  DC has its own culture, and some say that women are better in the south: e.g., Charleston, Charlotte, and Austin.  Thoughts?

DC must be a terrible place for singles. I correspond with a female blogger in DC and she reports that it’s simply awful. Shit, I’m in South Florid and DC scares the crap out of me regarding dating. Yet as you seem to do well with foreign women, I can see the appeal of staying there.

I do recommend Southern cities for warmth and friendliness. I’m a bit suspicious of Charlotte but I strongly recommend Atlanta. Charleston (I’ve lived there) is a fine place but small. It’s also extremely touristy and not of the girls just want to have fun type of tourists.

Keep those letters coming!

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37 thoughts on “Reader Mail

  1. PM
    You’re going to be the Ann Landers of the manosphere. OOh, that didn’t sound right. Hmm..not really a good analogy to anything previous. Ok so it’s sui generis, I’m down. Your tone is manly, earthy; to the extent it is possible to give details and specifics, you do, thus avoiding the endless hand-wringing emotional mastication bitches get into. Your’s is the brisk manly after-shave to their (I mean the bitches) musky odiferous cloying perfume-like nookie-wringing. Your reductionism is superb, Munson-like in fact-GET A GODDMAN VAS!

    Just when I was beginning to despair that my goal of collapsing Western civilization was unattainable, I see the faintest glimmer of hope in your remarkable column. I shall not eat my handgun this year; and possibly not even next year.

    Let’s keep the good thought!

  2. I meant GODDAMN VAS-I was too excited inn breathless appreciation. Hookingupsmart has a LOT to learn from you (there are probably others too I don’t get around a lot).

  3. “I’m some ways, I wish I was 32 again, but I wasn’t at the mental stage I am now back then.”

    Trust me (from a younger guy), no matter the age you’ll always wish you were younger but with the knowledge you have now. You just have to actively push away thoughts of past regrets, missed opportunities or the sense that life has passed you by. You are NEVER too old to make positive changes and make your life better.

    As for location, are you considering a move based on the quality of women? I’ve lived all over this country and I’ve never lived in one place that made me say “this place is WAY better than the rest” when it came to women. The unfortunate fact is that American women have more or less the same basic problems all over the country. Thinking you can go from a hellhole to a harem with a plane ticket is sort of a defeatist attitude, playing the victim of your circumstances.

    Don’t get me wrong – a change of scenery (via a cross-country move) was a huge factor in a quantum leap of happiness for me. You need to find a place that is good because it’s where YOU like to be, not because the female crop is marginally better.

    If you dig foreign women and international culture, DC is better than most places. Unless you’re really miserable or are considering expatriating, I wouldn’t spend too much effort worrying about the SMPs in other cities.

    • DC Phil on said:

      Oh, I’m aware of the importance of having a positive attitude on life and realizing that, yes, I wish I were younger with the knowledge that I have now. In many respects, I’m glad that I never sunk in to the pit of despair that is drug addiction, alcoholism, or a soulless and sexless marriage with a mortgage and kids. It just took me a bit longer to learn that, in the end, it’s about what makes me happy over the long term — and that doesn’t necessarily come from others.

      What has been bothering me over the past year of actively learning Game and trying to incorporate it into my life is what the market would be like once I get to the level I want to be. In that I think I’ve done decently over the past year (slept with nine women, including one in Romania — and most of them at least 6-7 younger than I am). That’s something to keep me going.

      As for relocation, yes, the rational side of me says that the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side of the fence. DC is FAR better than the small Ohio city where I come from, so this city is a step up for me. I just now have to start looking to leaven the loaf that I already have with some other, albeit better, opportunities (e.g., Romania, traveling overseas). DC is where I am because of my job, and I worked hard to get my present job and am not about to give it up for a whim. Now, if I won the lottery and didn’t have to work . . .

      As for expatriating, if I could get a position in Germany again, that would be better than being in DC. But, DC is where I am now, so I make the most of it.

  4. I grew up in DC until I was forty. If you can’t find women in the city go to Maryland or Virginia. There are more women in the DC metro area than anywhere on earth. Just remember we find what we are looking for.

  5. I don’t know if Private Man will agree, but I live in DC, so here are my 2 cents.
    Regarding women:
    – despite my numerous Capital Hill friends, if I was a man, I would stay away. They tend to be masculine & bossy, extremely hypergamous, career driven, and less likely to be devoted.
    – in a group of women, do not go for the group leader. She may be the hottest, but loud, very hypergamous, and a “mean girl” to other women. She will not be kind in the long term.
    – go to Latin hangouts (salsa room, cafe citron, etc.). I have a South American roommate, and those women are friendly, feminine, and love serving men.
    – try to meet women during the day. DC is alcohol driven, so natural settings are just better if you want quality. 🙂
    – don’t go for ages 20-30. They are not mature, very career driven, have many many options, love older men for money/perks, & are Hypergamous!!!
    Regarding you:
    – women sort men here quickly based on appearance. Dress as well as you can, & for what type of woman. Southern belle? Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers. Buy the whole display ensemble. Foreign/Latin? Saks, Burberry, designer jeans/ belt wear everything Tighter!
    – be different than a DC douchebag. 🙂 don’t ask what she does, don’t talk about what you do. Men in DC build their careers on talking and BS. Be mysterious!

    Best wishes and good luck!
    tighter, get your suits tailored to your body!

    • DC Phil on said:

      1. No danger with the Hill types as I live near there and see them regularly when I’m close to Eastern Market/Penn Ave SE. Just seeing them interact with each other is off-putting enough.

      2. I don’t, as a rule, approach groups of women unless they’re merging with my own social circle. I don’t need to the be the lone guy waltzing into a firing range — especially with bitchy and hypergamous types.

      3. Yes, I need to get to the Latin hangouts more. Maybe a salsa class to start off with.

      4. So it’s been said that DC is booze-driven. My day game forays start after the first of the year.

      5. I’m in the middle about this one. The youngest I’ve gone out with was 26 and the youngest I’ve banged has been 28. Both, however, were in DC for only a year, so the “typical DC” vibe didn’t infect them yet. But, I think you’re right about the older crowd in general. The worse I’ve been out with was a 44-yr old corporate lawyer, born in DC but had lived in LA, and who exhibited the worst passive-agressive vibe I’ve seen in a long time. Guess who paid for drinks and gelato for both dates — and from a woman who made at least three times as much as I do.

      6. I get the sentiment, but I’m not shelling out that kind of money for those kinds of suits. I’d rather follow the advice of a contractor I used to work with and get the stuff second-hand from thrift shops. I do, however, want to start working from what I have before running out to change my wardrobe for the third time.

      7. Oh, I try to be different from the DC douchebag, trust me. I think just “being myself” suffices in most cases. I can’t count on one hand the stories I’ve heard from my female friends here and some of the women I’ve gone out with about the types of men they’re dating here in DC. Sounds god-awful at times, so I must seem very “normal.” Then again, some of these same women will ask me the “what do you do?” question right away. Seems like they have nothing else to ask.

      • I understand not shelling out a ton of money…I will not afford designer clothing either but I find items with the same cut to produce the same look. Men’s style IS important; it raises your status immediately. I understand American men have a fear of appearing gay, but this will not be the vibe you give off! I love The Sartorialist blog – he is straight but photographs men all over the world….oh I salivate over some of those older distinguished men in Italy! A good watch even in a t shirt is also awesome on a man!

        I think from everything you have said that you are discerning the women well here. Also, both men and women are used to abusing & using eachother for gain. It makes everyone so angry & cynical. I personally have chosen not to do this, specifically after watching how my female & male friends treat the opposite sex and the ripple effect on everyone. If you want the best woman, be that man to all the women you meet now.

      • Just in reply to you, Sabina:
        “If you want the best woman, be that man to all the women you meet now.”
        Being the best man (even superficially) to women who are not and will never be interested in you unless it serves their purpose … means signing up to be used.
        Being the best man to all women means you have nothing in reserve for the woman you consider special (and if she doesn’t reciprocate, you need to move on).
        Being the best man to all women without any reciprocation is wasteful.
        If the criteria for an honest relationship was niceness … why are so many women only getting married in their 30’s?
        Weren’t they nice before then?

      • No, P-Ray, I am not advocating what you are suggesting. What I am saying is to look at the effect of Roissy/Roosh DC type Douchebags on DC society (not the actual people – R & Rhave great insight) and then look at their parallel in women. Quality women run from DC Douchebags, no kidding we can smell them & despite popular opinion, we do literally run away! 😉
        In my example, I will no longer go along with friends who feign interest in men only to get free drinks or even a free meal.
        Again, just to be clear, for men this would NOT mean “white-knighting”! As we all know, that is not helpful for men or for women.

      • My older female friends (along with a small handful of women here in DC I’ve gone out with) have regaled me with stories of the DC douchebag — including those that aren’t high up on the power food chain. For example, my one friend went out with a guy who was over 30, living with his parents, had no job, had fathered two kids out of wedlock, was too sexually aggressive, and she wound up paying his bus fare home on the second date. That one, to me, takes the cake. Needless to say, she didn’t go out with him a third time.

        My general take on Roosh concerning DC is that he probably was telling it like it was for him. You report on what you observe, and it’s hard not to generalize when there aren’t a lot of countervailing examples. In one of his most recent posts, he talked about how he routinely hate-fucked the DC chicks he was going out with — loosely extended to a lot of American woman. I can see where he’s coming from. With many American women, I do feel a certain discomfort being around them, intensified when they’re bossy, domineering, and generally unpleasant. It’s as if an old defense mechanism bubbles to the surface.

        So far, I’ve met only one woman who clearly was using me for free drinks and gelato. I kicked her to the curb after the second date. More often, I’ve met those women who, for one reason or another, didn’t feel the “chemistry,” and or acted very rudely. One ditched me at the bar after I returned from the restroom and said that she “wasn’t THAT drunk,” and other told me that she “couldn’t do this” before we even sat down to order drinks at the bar, then refused my offer to walk her to the Metro to go home.

      • “had fathered two kids out of wedlock, was too sexually aggressive”

        I think these two are connected 😉

        But seriously, it’s easy to get carried away and label any unpleasant guy a douchebag, just as there’s a tendency for women to overrate the alpha quotient of a guy she likes.

        Consider this an appeal for strictness – a douchebag in any context I’ve seen it used is a dude who is overly pretentious about flexing his social dominance and concerned about carrying on a high-class type of lifestyle. Sharply dressed, white-collar job, super socially dominant (always trying to be the life of the party). A guy who’s trying too hard and is too chummy. The “O face” guy from Office Space fits that definition.

        Graduated frat guys are like this. In DC terms, Georgetowners. Hipsters are sort of the anti-douchebag. Guys without jobs who live at home are just low-value men. Them having confidence doth not a douchebag make.

    • DC Phil on said:

      Sabina, I meant to ask . . . what are some recommendations you have for meeting more Latin women, other than learning Spanish (which I can read well, but can’t speak) and salsa? I see Latinas here all the time, but more the immigrant South and Central Americans who are working the menial jobs, who are married, and who have 2-3 kids by the time they’re 25.

      I’m 6’1″, white, salt and pepper hair, trim/fit, and calm, cool, and collected.

  6. I’m 40 and glad I made it to this age without being tied down. Not one to experience the dating scene in my youth because of weight, work, and other things, what I’m running increasingly into now is women making the first move. And boy oh boy are they bad at it. It’s the same thing many guys go through when they’re starting out in the dating scene and are awkward beginners. And is also a reflection of women realizing their place in the SMP especially as they reach their 30’s and the attention of men wanes. Which has been stated numerous times in the manosphere and is true.

    I live in an ultra-liberal small town in NC BTW where I’m in the minority merely from being born here. So the women are mostly outsiders from places like NY, DC, California, Florida and they are completely lost. They come here mistakingly believing that a small town will change their lot in life but the problem is that they are basically dealing with the same people who are from their former big city because they moved here right along with them.

    • DC Phil on said:

      Oh, yes . . . I can see this in some of the messages I’ve gotten on the dating sites. These are the same women who complain about guys sending less than three words in their initial messages, but then do the same thing because they’re so unpracticed in knowing how to craft something decent in a message.

      I have no sympathy for them.

      • Unpracticed or expecting the guy to do all the work in a relationship? I’m pretty sure they have plenty of words for the gormless school quarterback … or the latest rom-com lead actor 🙂

      • Both. And, I think he was talking about older women and not the high school or early college types. The youngest I’ve gone out with here in DC was 26. I have yet to experience anyone of the under-25 crowd.

  7. Interesting stuff from Sabina.

    If only we could get Roissy and Roosh to leave their mark on this thread, they are the only people I’ve ever heard to master the DC dating scene.

    In fact, I recommend DC Phil read Roosh’s “Bang” if he hasn’t already. Forget the seduction tips, it contains a lot of good advice to cultivate a laid-back intellectual vibe which will probably stand out against the K Street types that Sabina warns against.

    “don’t ask what she does, don’t talk about what you do. Men in DC build their careers on talking and BS. Be mysterious!”

    Bingo. No matter where you live, discussion should not get around to your job until later if you’re putting out an interesting vibe. Asking what you do is often a proxy for “are you cool and/or rich.” It’s annoying and also predictable. Most people’s jobs are not cool and so talking about it reduces your value in her eyes. We could bitch that this is a double standard because women can have jobs as stylists or clerks and still get tons of attention from men, but that’s just the way it is.

    I alternate answers between a bullshit job (like I design fashionable clothing for robots) and a downplay, e.g. “I’m a project manager now but what I really want to do is write.”

    I once had a woman ask me what I drove. I deflected the fitness test and I told her a home-built Roubaix Pro bicycle. She said “no really, what do you drive?” Huge red flag. Turned out to be a huge flake, surprise surprise. I should have asked her what model of broom she rode.

    • DC Phil on said:

      I have copies of Roosh’s “Bang” and “Day Bang” and have been slowly letting them marinate in my mind so that my inner game is at a level where I can start to apply some of the tenets in both books. I also continue to read Roosh’s blog.

      I do try to cultivate the laid-back intellectual vibe of which you speak. Hence, my coming across as “normal” (for lack of a better term) compared to the DC douchebags. Thankfully, I’ve met only a very small handful of these types and I get ill just being around them.

      Usually, I don’t put down what I do for a living on the dating sites, and try to deflect the question outright or with a smart-assed answer when asked. I’m getting better at screening for the red flags in those cases. But, again, this is also from meeting someone from the dating sites and not in a bar. The latter I try not to do because I’m seeing the “out just with friends and for Facebook attention whoring” dynamic at work. Not to mention the loud noise, which I couldn’t deal with when younger and certainly can’t deal with now.

      • I did not realize the aggressiveness of the “what do you do” question, at least for young people, until recently. Now I’m 60 and this is my 5th recession, plus beginning over 15 years ago companies began downsizing. I entered the professional workforce in 1981, and asking “what do you do” was de rigeur. Beginning around 1995 it became a no-no with anyone in their late 40s or above; too many had been axed. But I still asked younger (early 30s) people what they did. I last did so about 4 years ago; the young woman I said this to visilby bristled, and I didn’t get it until I became a little better at this ‘Net thing and read what the deal is. Point taken.. Trust me as an aging Boomer I know too well that while we might get away with being useless, if we start being obnoxious it’s a cattle car ride to the concentration camps you kids will soon be building for us.
        Auf Wiedersehen!

      • The “what do you do?” question, I’ve found, is far less common in other countries than it is in the US, and certainly less so here in DC. Regarding the latter, a woman (not a DC-born denizen) told me that the “do” question in DC is to find out how much “juice” you have. “Juice” = how close to POTUS. I’ll assume that means both politicos and lobbyists. Regular Fed employees like me don’t have “juice” unless we’re in the political realm. So, in other ways, the “do” question is meant to place you in a category and/or pecking order. The lion’s share of the gainfully employed in DC are either Fed workers or those who are in some way sucking at the Fed’s teats: e.g., contractors and lobbyists. Fortunately, there are a few oddballs like the very cute and whip-smart 27 yr old Shakespearean-trained actress I went out with this past summer. Too bad she let the, in her words, “a bit palpable” age different get in the way.

        In Romania, they most often asked me why I was there visiting their country. I told them that I wanted to visit somewhere that most American tourists don’t see and to explore some of my Romanian heritage. Usually, they were thrilled. When the “do” question came up, I told them that I work for the Fed, and then they switched to another topic. No grilling at all. Instead, with those that had a similar work background (IT), we exchanged some thoughts about how things were different in Europe. Then, switch to another topic. Overall, they seemed more interested in me as a person and as a foreigner than as someone who fit into a pecking order.

      • DC Phil on said:

        While on the subject of Roosh’s “Bang,” does anyone out there have input on how well Roosh’s techniques have worked with women over 30 and a bit older? I realize that Roosh was writing mostly for the under-30 crowd, where there younger ones would not be as successful or mature as the older ones.

        Just curious. My thinking usually is that older women bring other challenges.

      • Roosh’s tips (if what he posted in Bang was what he used) seems to have worked well enough for anoukange (arty over 30’s feminist of dubious qualifications) to have gone crazy about the idea that she was only worth a pump and dump

  8. “Just remember we find what we are looking for.”

    This is a piece of wisdom I’ve really been working lately. There’s an aphorism about dating that says “think of the places your ideal mate would spend their time. Then – go there!” Like if I really want to bag the really athletic woman I’ve been dreaming about since high school, I better start spending a lot more time on the bike trail, hiking, in the gym and in high-performance adult sports leagues. If the intellectual chick is your quarry, hit up historical societies, erudite coffee shops, hip bookstores, you get the idea. Then it becomes part of your lifestyle, and you’re not doing it to get women – but the women land at your feet. (Hopefully.)

    Don’t buy the “you won’t meet a good woman in a bar” trope, but when you’re in a “typical” single-mingle environment, the jockettes and nerdettes who are there aren’t playing that script, they’re playing the “pick me up by wowing me with your game” script, and they’re mixed in with a lot of other chaff.

  9. DC Phil on said:

    Yeah, I get that mindset and believe it (and work with it) in principal, generally. The trouble is, and as I commented in another post, looks can vary a lot with the types of women I’m trying to meet. That is, for classical music concerts, operas, etc., the types of women there are too old and/or married. Very few younger women except for high school music students. Way out of my age range. 🙂

    Also, I’m more attuned to the vibe of the woman instead of what her intellectual interests are. E.g., the Romanian hottie I met back in September didn’t fit my typical woman. She’s young, but smokes and is a party girl. Yet, she never let age become an issue, I was her type and she went for that without flinching, she made it easy for me to ask her out to go clubbing, she paid for my drinks, and she worked with me on the logistics to get a hotel room for us to bang. In short, she met me halfway — because she was confident in herself and she knew what she wanted: me.

    My point: if it’s about banging, then I have flexible interest levels.

  10. I find it hard to believe that DC is such a horrible place to find and court women when so many game bloggers live in DC, and they all seem to be doing fine for themselves even though they all bitch that women in DC are the worst ever.

    My $0.02

    • DC Phil on said:

      I think the complaints about DC being horrible stem mostly from guys hitting up the usual spots like the singles bars, etc. I’ve said before that I don’t do well in the bars or clubs mainly because of the loud music and because they’re overcrowded. Case in point: I went out dancing with some of my women friends for Halloween and I couldn’t dance for more than two seconds without someone bumping into me on the dance floor. That’s how crowded it was. And, good thing I was wearing earplugs because I’d have walked out of there with no hearing. Then there’s the fact that many women here are the hypergamous, career-focused gals — especially the ones that are trying to get close to the power base.

      And, as I said, I tend to do better with foreign women because I think they respond better to my cultured persona and vibe, being more cultured themselves. I’m currently dating a thin and pretty Kenyan, 28, who’s a grad student in anthropology. Smart, sweet, and not at all full of herself. I also regularly host foreign girls at my apartment via CouchSurfing — but, alas, have yet to bang any of them.

      • The idea that “only low-class women go to the bar” is propaganda designed to imply that men who go there are “only after one thing”.
        All kinds of women go to bars. Since, as you said – hypergamous – … and all kinds of men are working in different fields, some leaders and some not.
        Like it or hate it, the bar is fast becoming the only acceptable milieu outside of a private house party for the genders to meet each other.
        On the flip side of it though, is the charming statement I’ve overheard “We didn’t come here to be picked up!” and the snappy reply “So, where do you go to be picked up?”.and crickets afterward.
        I shook that guy’s hand, a man with persistence is what women want, amirite?

  11. DC sucks. You want a large pool of younger, unmarried women looking for love (or Alpha Cock)? Morrisville, North Carolina.

    It’s situated between Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, and is the site of the famed RDU Airport. Its proximity to the airport and the Research Triangle Park (kind of the Silicon Valley of medical and pharmaceutical research) turned this tiny Southern village into one massive modern cube farm after another devoted to research, medicine, drug studies, computers, and other technical crap that makes us live longer. And the majority of the inhabitants of these cube farms are young unmarried women who thought they wanted a career and are now realizing that what they really want is a baby and a man.

    I mean, the pussy is thick. Local singles bars are hopping, and being single and employed gives you a +1 on your sex rank. Hell, just having a penis gives you a +1. The apartment complexes that grew up around Morrisville are replete with horny babes who can’t find a man and will hump anything in sight. I’m happily married, but I’ve been hit on in Morrisville more than any other spot on earth.

    Next door is Cary, which has a 20% South Asian population, if you like Indian Pussy (and from what I understand, it’s quite a treat). There’s plenty of second-career MILFage in Raleigh. UNC-CH and NC State are moments away, both stuffed with eager young co-eds yearning for their “Girls Gone Wild” moment. Durham is packed full of young single African American girls. And you can drive 50 miles in any direction and find a rural landscape packed with young redneck girls who are as desperate for decent dudes as their cityfolk kin.

    The Raleigh-Durham area has low unemployment, low taxation on everything but gasoline, it has the cheapest in-state tuition of any state west of California, it has a widely diversified economy that is highly recession-resistant, and it has a vibrant and robust cultural life. Schools could be better, but show me a place where that isn’t true.

    So come to scenic Morrisville, NC and get your wick wet. Y’all come back now, here?

    • DC Phil on said:

      Sounds almost too good to be true. I’ve been thinking of a trip down to NC, but if the girls are stand-offish, bitchy, and entitled, (and, more importantly, fatties) then it wouldn’t be worth it. For me, I prefer not to have to work too hard in order to get what I want, so maybe some pipe-lining before a weekend trip is in order.

      Also, how are the young girls about age ranges? Remember, I’m 40, but I’m told repeatedly that I look like I’m in my early 30s. I guess if I adopt a younger vibe, that might go over much better than the mostly serious dude I am.

      • Let’s see . . . you have four major universities within a 50 mile radius, so there’s no end to the constantly-refreshing graduate student crowd. There’s a large body of middle-aged career women, some on their second divorce and suddenly aware of their impending spinsterhood. And there’s a bumper crop of young professionals fresh out of college and grinding through an entry-level job at Big Pharma and desperately in need of distraction.

        As far as looks go, there are pretty people and ugly people everywhere. We have that same spread.

        Oh, and if I haven’t sold you already, when we get .5″ of snow (that’s a half-inch, not five inches) then everything shuts down. Everything. And you usually don’t have to shovel a flake of it. Snow is more of a pleasure when it’s transitory.

    • Left right left right
      I don’t know but I repeat
      Indian pussy is quite a treat

      Go ahead USMC-it’s yours (I can see F. Lee Ermey shouting this now)!

      • (to the tune of “Ballad of Jed Clampett” (“Beverly Hillbillies” theme))

        Come and listen to the story of ol’ Ironwood
        simple Southern boy but he’s really got it good
        tho’ he’s married he’s got pussy up the ass
        a blue ribbon stud, he’s the best in class

        (spoken) class war, Southern style that is

        A true gentleman, he posted on the ‘net
        said “boys ge’ down here, kitchen table’s set
        you’ll be eaten more pussy than Frank Sina’try
        and best part is , it’ll all be free

        (spoken) free of snarling bitchy bullshit that is (I know it stinks;
        get in the spirit)

        Well, ‘Wood was heard and the next thing you knew
        Boys were here fuckin’ ’til their dicks were blue
        the pussy was tight, and finger-lickin’ good
        and they owed it all to Ian Ironwood

        (spoken) his “wood” was iron by God; good on ya’ Ian

        Y’all come back now, ya’ here!

      • I very nearly wet myself laughing at this.

        Well played, Sir. Well played.

  12. BTW I wasn’t trying to hit on her; I’m not in the game, never will be. I find this romantic stuff interesting, and Private man does not publish pot roast recipes.tehre was no SMP in ’81 most places for singles unless you’re talking early 20s, and Boise (where I live) is total white picket fence-no game here at all (or hardly-my son is 22, lives in Seattle; he’s visiting, and compares Boise to a giant nursing home without the diversting pastimes like shufflebaord and bingo).

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  14. I cosign everything Ian Ironwood said about the Research Triangle.

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