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Manosphere Blogging 101 – 21 Pieces Of Advice

There are many new, self-identified Manosphere bloggers cropping up ( some links below). I’m enthused by this. For all the new guys, I have some advice. I never thought that I’d be in the position to offer Manosphere blogging advice but after being at this for almost two years and with almost a million page views, I’ve learned a thing or two:

1. Blogging requires patience and perseverance. Blogging for a couple of months and being disappointed is normal. A few hundred (if you’re fortunate) page views a day is to be expected until readers realize the seriousness of the blog. There are few, if any, home runs with blogging. Writers should only expect singles and doubles as page view counts grow.

2. Writing is work. For those not accustomed to writing often, it’s a serious chore. Not only must a man live his life, he has to be introspective and be willing to write about it. It’s not easy. You have been warned. Writing is work.

3. Manosphere writers, for now, are but humble pamphleteers (link below) and not real movers and shakers when it comes to shifting public opinion. The good news is that pamphleteers have an historic precedent of shifting public opinion. It just takes time and a critical mass of readership.

4. Commenters are the life blood of good blogs. A good blogger acknowledges and supports good comments. It doesn’t have to be often but it’s important that it’s done.

5. Haters gonna hate. Got hate comments? Nuke ’em and ban ’em. It’s your blog. It’s your real estate. If haters want to shit on your blog, moderate heavily and use the banhammer relentlessly. Don’t engage trolls… ever.

6. Spammers gonna spam. It’s vital that you check your spam inbox for legitimate comments because sometimes good comments get spammed out. Don’t let the spam folder get too full.

7. In the beginning, post often. These means three posts a week, at a minimum. When your blog gets some traction, you can cut back a bit, but not too much.

8. Brevity is the soul of wit. Posts needn’t be long. Rollo and Ian (links below) are the huge exception as their posts are usually quite long. You can’t be the exception to the rule until you’re well established. Three hundred words or so (well-written and concise) will do.

9. Comment on other blogs with meaningful comments that add to the original point(s). Dropping a brief comment just to generate traffic to your blog won’t do you any favors in the long run. Read the post. If you don’t have anything to offer, don’t comment.

10. Link to other blogs via your blogroll or your comments on your post. The other Manosphere bloggers will appreciate the links and be more willing to the link back to you.

11. Try to meet Manosphere bloggers and readers in real life. The Internet is not real life. Shaking a fellow man’s hand is real life. For example, I’ve got a live event coming up in March, 2013 (link below).

12. Find your niche. This will take time and your commenters will steer you in the right (write?) direction. As the Manosphere stands now, there are almost too many young men writing. For you young guys, consider focusing on a geographical or lifestyle niche on which to focus your concentration. Or, go personal as Danny (link below) has done.

13. Don’t give up. Patience and perseverance, remember?

14. Be willing to be a contributing author to group Manosphere blogs (links below). This will build your credibility and drive traffic to your blog. If you find yourself only able to post irregularly on your own blog, be willing to give that up and only be a contributing author to group blogs.

15. Be patient. Keep at it.

16. Post on forums with a link to your blog in your signature. There are loads of male-oriented forums that are not relationship of socially-focused oriented. Find the “other” category in gun, motorsports, sports, and male-oriented forums where men often go. Build a reputation there. Be taken seriously… then send them to your blog or other Manosphere blogs.

17. You want to monetize your blog? That’s a whole new level requiring far more time and effort. Don’t be half-assed about it. Go big or go home.

18. Respect your blogging elders. Rollo, Roissy, and Roosh are the starting points (links below) but there are many other Manosphere bloggers worth your attention and input. Check out my blogroll for a starting point. I don’t have them all.

19. Read the Red Pill women’s blogs (some links below). These dames are smart and worthy of serious consideration. They are also signs that life isn’t too bleak for the Red Pill man.

20. Don’t post hateful comments on blue pill blogs and forums. Once branded a hater, you lose credibility and that helps to lose credibility for the general Manosphere.

21. Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) are part of the Manosphere. So is the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) crowd. That statement will get me some hate and I say tough shit.

Good luck, gentlemen. We’re doing something big here. Spread this advice.

More new Manosphere blogs (Again, I’ve missed some. Commenters, add blogs as you want):

The Lucky Lothario



Free Northerner

Danny (A category unto himself)

Danny from 504

The Big Three

Rollo (The Rationale Male)


Roosh Blog

Roosh Forum (join it when enrollment is open)

Learn Your History!


Some Women’s Blogs

Adventures in Red Pill Wifery

Haley’s Halo

The Woman and the Dragon (It’s so weird that my Manosphere blog and conservative Christianity is tied together… still getting my head around that.)

Spring Break!

Yeah, we’re doing it.

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60 thoughts on “Manosphere Blogging 101 – 21 Pieces Of Advice

  1. I’m slack about my expansive blog roll, but you’ve finally been added.

  2. Hey, I also started a blog but I’ve been slack about it recently:

  3. Thanks for the advice.

    I do wonder about not responding to trolls. It can sometimes be amusing:

    I may be interested in the spring break, but I’d also like to be Hong Kong and the Philippines around the same time.

  4. 22. Don’t write about your crappy day.

  5. Vicomte on said:

    I have to disagree with 8.

    Brevity may be the soul of wit, but it’s also the cloak of the indolent, and the pulpit of the prosaic. And the thing shitty writers do when they have nothing interesting to say.

    I’ve never become annoyed because something good went on for too long. Most can’t form and explore an interesting idea in a few hundred words of prose.

    That said, even Rollo has been guilty of longwinded jerky-jerk. But I think a new blogger has even more incentive to write longer posts. Short posts aren’t memorable enough to gather an audience, especially in the fly-by-night world of internet blogging.

    And, for the love of Zoroaster, create original content, and don’t just link shit or tack some half-assed comments onto someone else’s work. If I came to your blog it’s because I want to see what YOU have to say.

    Oh, and if you must try to be clever and deep in the subtitle, try to do it in a way that doesn’t make me facepalm and mutter ‘wanker’ when I read it.

  6. Great post. And, belatedly, thanks for adding me to your sidebar. I gotta reciprocate more– I’m like a girl that will take a pussy eating but won’t suck a dick. Sorry for that. Will fix.

    In addition to Privateman’s accurate point that writing is work– yes, it is. But it becomes less so. At first it feels like holding your head under water. When can I stop. When can I take a breath. You experience time dilation. You will try to write for what feels like an eternity, look at the clock, and realize 45 seconds have passed.

    But if you do what you do with other life skills– break it into small chunks– it becomes easier. Keep a journal. Set yourself a time goal, or a page goal. Make these ridiculously small. Bench press just the bar. I will make my fingers move on the keyboard regardless of what comes out for fifteen minutes every day. I will fill a quarter of one page every day, regardless of whether it’s readable. But stick with it.

    Be honest. Write for no one. No invisible critic is reading over your shoulder. But, take your shits in the morning and read the best books you can get your hands on. Then write a quarter of a page of the most honest shit you can possibly produce, to be read by no one. Write about what you are afraid of. What hurts you. What you hate. Fuck the man-o-sphere. Do not come into this with a preconceived message. Your ideas before you write are nothing. Your ideas are made by writing them. Maybe you will write the best feminist fat acceptance blog ever made, that millions of human beings will read and feel less alone in the world. Or, you won’t, because those ideas are bullshit. But you will only really discover that by writing about them.

    But be honest. Don’t even try to be funny. If you are sad, be sad. And then here is where the magic comes:

    You will read the sad pathetic shit you wrote two weeks ago and it will be the funniest, most insightful shit in the world today. I can’t believe I was worried about that, you will say. But that’s fucking funny. That’s a blog post. I can’t believe I was such a pussy about that girl. But I was. It hurt then, and it’s fucking funny now, after a hairsbreadth of time went by. I bet privateman would get a kick out of this.

    And eventually, writing stops feeling like work. It starts feeling like a necessary part of your day. Things happened to me, and I have to get them out, and they’re not real, and I haven’t processed them, until I get them on the page. The alarm clock goes off one hour before it has to for work, and I motherfucking spring out of bed, because I need to write about the shit I’ve been thinking. Writing starts as the opposite of therapy but becomes therapy. Chess players– you know how chess affects every interaction you have with people, and you start thinking “if they say this, I’ll say this?” three moves ahead? Writing is the same way. It organizes your mind.

    In fact, don’t even worry about blogging. Worry about writing. Write for a year before you even blog. You will need that long to build up material. In that time getting better at writing will make you so much better at talking that you will be a pussy crushing machine. It won’t matter, because by that time you’ll be searching for the true meaning of life, but: trust me. It’s like lifting weights. It sucks, but do it.

    • Vicomte on said:

      Before you start your blog, might I suggest you:

      1. Develop a sense of humor.

      2. Learn more about men.

      In that order.

    • I’m also a big promoter of the ‘write what you will, as long as it need to take’ crowd. I find that I will set out to write short posts that become long. Long posts that become short. They generate the most comments and traffic. It’s when I censor myself on something as silly as length of post that I get less hits.

      Other trends I’ve noticed:

      1. Emotional, passionate rants will get you noticed once or twice for a bump in hits and traffic. Men enjoy a justified man that looks willing to take change. Prolonged use of such tactics make one a whiney bitch unable to enact change upon yourself or the world – your long term traffic will reflect this.

      2. Multimedia humor will always bump up traffic. Always. If you’re able to find a funny picture or video to go with your posts on a regular basis, you will likely do better.

      I don’t follow in either of those categories. Or at least, my self perception is that I don’t fall in the first and I know I don’t post enough multimedia to get in the second. A large part of that is that I write as the mood takes me – if I don’t write something when I feel I need to it will never get published and if I try to force something because it’s a ‘hot topic’ in the sphere it’ll never go anywhere.

      After I accepted that I write for myself, and that this happens to generate thoughts and comments by others, I became a much happier writer and individual. I’ll be surprised if I ever bump up over 500 view a day without a major link, from another blogger, but I’m ok with that. Happiness and satisfaction come before an ego boost, and I have a lot of quality regular readers.

    • And some men actually wonder why they’re forever alone!

      Not around these parts. You’re projecting again…

    • Vicomte on said:

      Thanks to Stingray for getting the joke.

    • ‘Be honest. Write for no one. ‘

      I recall reading that on Vox Days site a long time ago. He said that he wrote what he wanted and only for himself. It’s the same kind of attitude that more people should apply to life in general. i.e. not giving a shit about what other people think (but of course that doesn’t mean going around be a deliberate arsehole/shit stirrer), just get on doing what you love. If you take a ton of flack from a bunch of John Does for doing what you want, then you learn to care less and less about their opinions, because they’ve shown themselves to be intolerant of heretics/dissenters. It’s a good method for sorting out the shepherds (the trend setters) from the sheep (the trend followers) in your own life and mind.

  7. Also, leave long comments on other manosphere blogs.

    • I’m going to start a blog, and it’s going to be awesome.

      I’m a woman new to the dating market who:
      – doesn’t like feminists and fembitches
      – has witnessed the ways in which overly entitled women (and men) have ruined their romantic lives, and therefore knows what not to do.
      – has a fairly accurate of her own SMV and what she’s able to pull
      – has little tolerance of other people’s stupidity (men and women alike)
      – sees men and women as human beings (shocker of the year – they’re all human? Who knew?)
      – does not see sex as a combative “marketplace”

      I’m also in the process of losing weight after a long illness. Not for male approval so much, but for my own health and well-being. I’ll write about that, too. Dating as an overweight woman will be an intriguing experiment for the next couple of months. I’d like to keep a log of how men change or don’t change depending on my weight.

      Blogging will motivate me to try hard with dating, so I’ll have things to write about. Brevity will be a challenge for me. It’s easy for me to write tons; not so easy for me to be concise.

      • I’m a woman new to the dating market who:

        Your comments here reveal no supporting evidence for any of the claims you make. Doubtful that you will start or have the guns to sustain a blog anyway…

      • Spoos in August on said:

        Write drunk, edit sober?

        Also, murder the turns of phrase that looked oh so clever; most verbiage can be cut without loss.

        Lizzie Borden edits until you’re confident in your prose style.

      • Well, LostSailor, I guess you’ll just have to read my blog and find out!

      • JJK, for some blogs, I charge reading fees…

  8. Good tips Private Man! Another thing I’ll add is to be open to your blog evolving and changing direction. I started mine to share pickup stories and advice. That has evolved into directly addressing how women can improve their appeal and collating the best of the Manosphere on topics. It has been an incredible and rewarding journey.

  9. luckylothario on said:

    Thanks for the shout out! Got this liked so I can go through the checklist regularly.

    I agree with ‘delicioustacos’ comment about honesty. I think my favourite blogs are those that are absolutely honest, like dannyfrom504s blog, since you get to go through the highs and lows of the writers thoughts. And Krauser gets pretty dark at times even though he’s at the top of his game, it’s good to know everyone has their off days and part of being a man is not letting those days knock you off balance.

    Being in the UK, I always get a little jealous of the brotherhood of US bloggers that actually have the opportunity to hang out. So, any British guys who want to get drunk, hit on girls and then lie slumped in the corner slurring half-baked philosophy at each other get in touch.

    Still at early blogger days, only getting in the double figures of views per day. I can only keep writing and stay real, if people like it and get what I’m saying then hopefully they’ll stick around. Love your blog PM, cheers for the advice.

    Stay sharp.

    • Another UK member here… I shall be adding to my blog more frequentl as there is a lot sat in draft at the moment, just need to get it in some coherent order before unleashing.
      There have been a few posts that really hit home the reality of how things were a few years ago. M3’s incel post being the one with most impact.

      Until I pull my thumb out… SH

  10. The only thing I take issue with (very good advice here) is brevity. I would change this to making sure you are concise (maybe I’m being pedantic here). Some posts will end up long, but as long as they do not ramble and still stick to the main points, people will read the whole thing.

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  12. Thanks for the add, PM. I’ll add you to mine, which should inspire me to get around to finally adding all the other bloggers I read.

  13. Shameless whoring of my blog, but you started it! (Commenters please add any blogs I miss)

  14. All great points. But only 3 posts a week? If you have readers, step up the game. It seems the last two weeks have been quiet on the sphere and I hate not having new stuff to read.

    Finding your niche is the most important thing. There is no need to have 300 bloggers constantly re-hashing the 16 commandments and basic game/PUA stuff. The Manosphere is evolving. Grow, change and adapt.

    And this is just a personal opinion, but don’t post a lot of videos. I read blogs because I enjoy reading. Cappy Cap and Rollo post a lot of videos, and I just overlook that post entirely. Maybe that’s just me.

  15. Whoops!

    Forgot to add me to that list there. 😉 ->

    But, good post. Its definitely true that building any real steam takes time. I always started out with a niche in mind and have never tried blogging until I evolve into a niche. The latter is the approach I’m taking now, and its much easier.

  16. The Lucky Lothario on said:

    Btw, the link up top to my blog doesn’t seem to be working. (May as well make the post of being featured)

  17. Thanks for the advice, PM. I especially like number 9, to really focus on adding value with comments on other blogs. Every one reading manosphere blogs are here by choice, so we should reward them with value for their time.

  18. sunshinemary on said:

    Thank you kindly for mentioning my humble blog. You write:

    It’s so weird that my Manosphere blog and conservative Christianity is tied together… still getting my head around that.

    In a way it makes perfect sense, though. Christians who follow the Bible ought not to be feminists in any way, shape, or form. That so many are feminists is an indictment of us and that is why many Christians are actually reading game/PUA blogs just to understand the correct order of male-female relationships as outlined in Ephesians 5.

  19. bangsomechicks on said:

    whaddup its cool to see some dudes runnin legit game on that old pussy. Get it son

    never heard of the mansphere before gonna have to check it out.
    Read our blog learn how to get mad pussy

  20. Thanks for the mention and the advice.

    I’m violating the hell out of rule 8 though. Most of my post well exceed 1000 words, some go well over 2000.

    “It’s so weird that my Manosphere blog and conservative Christianity is tied together… still getting my head around that.”

    Not that weird. Traditional Christian thought on sex and gender relations is the wisdom of God on man’s fallen nature, it is truth. Manosphere writing on sex and gender relations is simply rediscovering these age old truths, then applying them to scoring pussy. Maybe I’ll write about this in-depth at some point in the future. (Assuming I don’t lose it in the dozen other things I’ve got to write about).

  21. I took your advice, kind of. I was scheduling a 1700 word post; I broke it up into a 600+ for tonight and a 1000+ word post for tomorrow night. So they’re shorter now, but I don’t see how I could reduce them, especially the longer one much more.

  22. In case y’all haven’t noticed, I’ve deleted some comments. I will continue to do so if a certain subject is brought up again.

    • Censorship! The horror!

      Darn old people these days. I’ll get off your lawn now, good sir. Carry on.

    • koevoet on said:

      A pair of them were mine. All things considered, it’s probably best that you did so. So, thanks.

    • Understood and you have my apologies.

    • Vicomte on said:

      In the future, I will refrain from jesting about [ANCIENT BYZANTINE ARCHITECTURE]. Though I would like to reiterate that my previous comment about [ANCIENT BYZANTINE ARCHITECTURE] was intended as a humorous illustration of my original point, and included stylized reactions to an event based on a true story.

      I do not personally engage in nor do I condone the practice of [ANCIENT BYZANTINE ARCHITECTURE], which I hope was understood by all concerned parties, especially our illustrious host, the ever gracious [AND HANDSOME] Privateman, who has been so good as to allow my smart-assed comments up to this point.*


  23. Thanks again for the blog love. 🙂

    I appreciate the tips as well… No hate on #21. They’re different states within a country. I wouldn’t want to live in Minnesota, but it’s still the great ol’ US of A 🙂

    (No offense to anyone from Minnesota, it’s just too damn cold)

  24. Lib Arts Major Making $31k a Year at an Office Job on said:

    Bro if u aint down wit MGTOW den u betta GTFOTW

  25. If you write a mostly smart-ass blog (like I do), then brevity is actually an advantage. I try not to ramble on too much. One thing I’ve had to learn to do is not overload my posts with links that “prove” whatever I’m trying to say. It’s your blog, you don’t have to prove shit. That’s what google is for. That said, a few pertinent links are always a good idea. It gets people reading stuff they might otherwise have missed.

  26. This post is perfect for the stage I’m in now. I’ve been afk for a few years and I had forgotten how much work building a network is. This phase is hard and many (most?) people lose interest if results aren’t immediate. Take heart guys– if you build it, they will come.

  27. jimijonjam on said:

    I started a blog in October. Not sure if I want it to be a Manosphere blog yet though, given that I’m quite young and one can tell my identity easily enough from my current posts. I would like to join the band of merry manosphere bloggers, but I fear reprise from any future employers, who may be able to prosecute me for having written such heresy (given the way the law is headed in Australia).

  28. you know what, the blog is fucking whatever. i have a roof over my head, food on my table, and Brody at my side.

    women- whatever. they come and go like trains.

    i blog just to help guys who want to do better. me…..i’m fine. and apparently, i’m on to something based on the reaction from me female readers. i mean, how many other blogger game their female readers.

    thanks for the linkage home-skillet

  29. All good advice! Especially about not feeding trolls, I’m still getting hate comments from the fat-acceptance crowd, months after a certain post. Such is life! My other criteria for blogging is not to just post any old rubbish because you feel you have to get something up. If you’re not happy with it, feel free to wait till you have something better!

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  32. Karl-Friedrich Hollywood on said:

    “It’s so weird that my Manosphere blog and conservative Christianity is tied together…”

    Christianity is many things, but one of them is hardcore, unsentimental realism about human nature, the good parts and the bad parts — also known as original sin. Game is the rediscovery of the exact same unchanging facts about human nature, but in the context of being a PUA. But truth is truth, no matter how it is used. If you want to pick up girls, you have to be a realist. If you want to meet a spouse and have a happy marriage and faithful as your religion demands, you both have to be realists. Christianity has survived for 2,000 years because there is an immense amount of practical wisdom embedded in it — when it is understood accurately and honestly, which does not mean the watered down pretty lies version most people get today.

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  35. Thanks for the advice, I haven’t been taking my blog seriously at all… Funny thing though, my long posts got quite a lot of attention. Whoever said “be concise” is right, I think. Just don’t write long, rambling posts, unless you’re writing prose about what happened to you the other week, or something. Having direction in the posts seems to help.

    My most viewed post is most viewed because it has “Chateau Heartiste” in the title. Lol.

  36. I believe everything said made a ton of
    sense. However, think about this, what if you
    added a little information? I am not saying your content
    isn’t solid., but suppose you added a title that grabbed folk’s
    attention? I mean Manosphere Blogging 101 – 21 Pieces Of Advice | The Private Man is
    a little boring. You might look at Yahoo’s home page and note how they create news headlines to grab people interested. You might try adding a video or a related pic or two to get people interested about everything’ve written.
    Just my opinion, it could make your posts a little bit more interesting.

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