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Spring Break, 2013 – Reminder

I’ll be regularly reminding my readers about this event. There is certainly some interest and I’d like that to grow.

I don’t make a secret of where I live (the ZIP code is 33308) and it’s also no secret that where I live is very close to the epicenter of college Spring Break. As a man over a certain again, Spring Break holds only limited appeal to me. Yes, I will definitely ogle young women if they are out and about. No, I will not approach them because I would likely get the “C” word applied to me.

Spring Break provides an interesting opportunity for a Manosphere event. The younger guys can hit Fort Lauderdale beach to use their Charisma while the older guys can plot and scheme world domination. But there are opportunities for all ages.

I am proposing a meetup, March 9-11, 2013. All are welcome. If enough folks show up, I’ll make it organized. If only a few, it will be rather informal. For those in the northern climes, a visit to South Florida will be a great change of weather.

I’ve got a page about this (link below) and if you’re interested, drop a comment or two. There are scads of small hotels in these parts and the beach is incredibly convenient. As well, there is no need to rent a car or use a car. Flights should be to Fort Lauderdale, not Miami.

There are times when the Manosphere needs to meet up and actually see each other. Spring Break is a fine opportunity for this. Besides, for all the wisdom I have dispensed, y’all owe me drinks.

Spring Break, 2013

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16 thoughts on “Spring Break, 2013 – Reminder

  1. Richard Cranium on said:

    Kudos for doing this the more we all meet up IRL and not just typing at each other the better.

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  3. My spring break won’t be until the end of March, but I am definitely interested in this. If I can work it out, I know something like this would be a great time.

  4. i’m there. and by “c” word, do you mean coot? wokka wokka.

  5. I like it.

  6. Apologies; much as I’d love to go, I can’t because of my job in South Korea. Good on you for putting this plan together though!

  7. Sounds awesome. I’m there. Although, since I am currently in an LTR, I will be with the other gentleman plotting world domination. My gf volunteers to assist the young bucks as a wing-woman for pre-selection game.

  8. Do we have a central meet-up location planned out?

    • Not yet. There are several options in the village. There about 10 restaurants within walking distance of the “downtown” part of the village. If there’s enough interest, I’ll reserve a space for a meet and greet, maybe in the municipal building.

      • Ok, I shall stay tuned for details. I haven’t been to Florida since last Spring Break. We spent it in Gulf Shores and Pensacola. I’m up for a change.

      • Hamster Tamer on said:

        … maybe in the municipal building.

        Check on that like, yesterday… IIRC, Satan’s Spawn (aka Lawyers) recently introduced some (make-work) hurdles for using Jarvis, i.e. insurance/liability “ith-yuths”… great space, though–kitchen, restrooms, PA/podium, ‘puter presentation/projector infrastructure, new flooring, pedestals for bondage models, etc… err, belay that last one. ;^)

  9. Isaac Jordan on said:

    I live in Atlanta, so if work permits I’ll definitely be there.

  10. If I’m not traveling I’m in.

  11. This could be fun…very tempted

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