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A Social Exercise For Men

One of my readers commented that he wanted more specific exercises and less theory. I agree. I have already started with the Read Her Mood exercise (link below). Thankfully, Danny called me with an exercise that he originally posted about some months ago. It’s a fairly simple exercise…

Every time you are required to interact with a woman while doing your errands – think retail employees, bank tellers, even the DMV (shudder) – make a point to give her a light compliment. Don’t stare at her, don’t mumble, and don’t lean in too close. It’s not quite a throw-away compliment and it’s not your goal to get her number.

Here are some suggestions on what to compliment:

  • Ear rings (thanks Danny)
  • Glasses
  • Other accessories and jewelry
  • Hair style
  • Eyes
  • Make up

Don’t compliment with anything that relates to her body. Stick to the face, hair, or something on her wrists.

I’m not going to give examples of specific compliments because memorized lines never, ever sound natural. It’s up to you to figure this out on your own. With practice, you’ll get quite good at it and you will be remembered.

Don’t use this compliment (courtesy my weird colleague): “Yo shorty, you got some nice bilateral symmetry.” Damn, he’s weird.

Once the compliment is delivered, quickly note the response. Most women will smile and take pleasure in what you said. Hey, you probably made her day. If she looks uncomfortable, there maybe something in your demeanor that makes her uncomfortable. If this happens consistently, you must work on this.

When the transaction is complete, move on because you’ve got a busy life. In fact, if you’re making a point to run more errands (link below), you’re definitely a busy man.

This exercise serves three purposes:

1. It gets you to notice women you might not normally notice. Women are everywhere but men tend to only notice the more attractive ones.

2. It gets you to observe (be subtle, dammit!) an individual woman’s features other than her torso (never look at her chest!). You’ll get good at this and be able to do it quickly.

3. It helps with a man’s overall social skills and ability to communicate quickly and effectively.

As you get really good at this, you can take it to the flirting level. This can be especially fun but takes some serious ability to read women and the social context.

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