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Oh, Come On…

I think one of my Manosphere buddies sent the following comment. It was in response to A Social Exercise For Men (link below).

What do ANY of you “guys” know about dating and “picking up” women?! You are all very bitter, hateful, chauvinistic, misogynistic, and more. Us women can smell that from a mile away. Why don’t you be brave and post your “gorgeous” photos here? I’m sure you are all built like Adonis, have extremely high i.q.’s, dress well, smell great, are successful, well groomed and fabulous. Right? It’s easy to write an anonymous blog bitching about women. You are not ph.D’s, psychologists, therapists, or social workers, OR have you been successful wooing the ladies. You are like little babies-you cry and scream when you don”t get your own way i.e. when a woman won”t give you the time of day.

Seriously? Bill? Mentu?

A Social Exercise For Men

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