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A Subject That I’ve Been Avoiding

A reader made a comment and it contains a request for advice and information on a topic that I can’t really address. This is due to simple ignorance on my part. I have done no research nor do I have any experience in this area.

So, read the comment to see what the issue is and perhaps one of my outstandingly brilliant readers can address it with a comment.  And it gets complicated… she’s 35. Thanks in advance.

I only recently found your website and I must say, it is really refreshing to read guys opinions on dating/understanding women etc – world only knows how many similar articles there are by women on how to understand men.

Let me just mention to you that I, for one, am the person who doesn’t believe in dating rules. I believe in being yourself and natural. I am not here for looking for the dating advice, as I’m not ready for this kind of thing – not yet anyway.

But what I would like to ask you is to point me out to an article that would talk about,  widows – meaning, what do you think one should talk about to another when there’s been 2 years of an awful black hole of recovery and when you have spent lovely and respectful years with your partner.

I know that at this stage, having the near perfect relationship (yes near to perfect and yes, there have been disagreement as anyone would in a normal relationship), the requirements get higher.

Partly because now I know what makes me happy and know what made/ did not make him happy. If you have something you wrote down before or would be interested in investigating it, it would be great. It would be nice to see what guys/men think of that or how have you/they come out it.

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