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Is Deti Brilliant Or What?

Yeah, he’s brilliant. I read too many blogs. My eyes get tired and I’ll probably go blind soon. No matter, I see it as my avocation to mine the Manosphere for Red Pill wisdom. So, I’m over at Dalrock’s blog (link below) and Deti is all over it… like white on rice. Zowie, batman, Deti serves it up:

I’ve become more cynical and less trusting in every area of my life. I’ve said it before: Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, I thought I knew about male-female relationships was 100% wrong. I put my trust in parents, teachers, pastors, Scout leaders, and other adults who I thought knew what they were talking about, only to discover that they had absolutely NO idea what they were talking about. I listened to them about other things too, such as school advice, college advice, politics, economics, nutrition, medicine, business, and career advice. Increasingly, I am discovering they were wrong about that stuff too.

As a married father, Deti is way invested in the social contract (broken contract, by the way – link below). If things go South culturally, he has much more to lose than childfree bachelors like myself. He’s got skin in the game. Lots of skin, more skin than my cowardly soul could even hope to handle. But he’s got nothing on my brother who raised two daughters by himself. My brother’s tale makes Sisyphus look like a lazy, drug-addled slacker… or, me.  For the record, I don’t do drugs.

Taking the Red Pill is a hugely difficult task. It requires unlearning a myriad of social expectations and then shifting one’s total world view, especially about women, dating, and relationships. Most men simply lack the emotional fortitude to do it. I find that sad and troubling. As a social man, I observe very carefully when Red Pill subjects come up. I cautiously bring up the Manosphere alternative. Usually, I am met with white knight resistance so I back down. Again, I find that sad and troubling.

I applaud Deti and all those who comment on Manosphere blogs, forums, and websites. Such comments are small acts of significant resistance. With more Manosphere blogs surfacing, I am heartened by the men and women swimming against the tide of “progressive” and socially conservative ideology… two peas in a pod.

A secret the KGB couldn’t have kept.

The Broken Gender Social Contract


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