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A Request To My Readers…

This blog is approaching a million page views. It’s also approaching its two-year anniversary. There will be a big change here soon and I need help from my readers to assist in that change. No, no more asking for money but I will leave up the donate button.

Here is what I request – a testimonial regarding the advice and information I have provided via my posts. Just stick it in the comments or shoot me an email (emailtheprivateman at gmail). Sign your testimonial with your first name, gender, and age. The age and gender are very important. Please don’t mention the word “Manosphere”. I hate to say that but I have my reasons.

And many thanks. My readers and commenters have made this blog the success that it is and I am supremely grateful for you all.

Here’s a hint regarding the big change: If all goes according to plan, get ready for “Red Pill Dating: Men, Women, Dating, Truth” (or something like that.)

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