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The Resiliency Conundrum

I recently had a long and fascinating phone call with one of my blog readers. He told a picaresque tale of Cluster B (link below) women, law enforcement, economic ruin, and bouncing back. He went through this cycle repeatedly and each time he clawed his way back from ruin. Most men can do that. My reader knows that he is drawn to the wrong women and he has white knighting tendencies. He’s working on that.

The story is not about that particular reader. The story is about risk and resiliency. Men take risks. It’s what we do. It’s what women find masculine and attractive in men. Sometimes, the risk results in calamity whether physical, financial, or emotional. Then it’s time to heal and rebuild. Men are resilient that way.

The resiliency conundrum surfaces when the cycle of risk-calamity-rebuild results in greater and greater risks. At some point, there will be no rebuild part of the cycle and the calamity becomes permanent, or worse. As Dirty Harry said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” But how is a man supposed to know his limitations if he doesn’t test them by taking risks? I’m not speaking of stupid risks, I’m speaking of reasonable risks based on a man’s current circumstances. Regardless, a risk is a risk, even a social risk (link below).

Long in the past, other men directly advised their gender peers to stick to the standard life script and not be so risky. That was replaced with the pressure to be a sensitive new age guy (SNAG). The social pressure to be a SNAG still lingers somewhat but many guys are learning that this particular social expectation is a humiliating lie.

Red Pill men end up testing themselves through potentially increasing risk levels. Being liberated men, it’s sometimes tough to reel oneself in. It required steely resolve for me to reign in my risk-taking as I rode my motorcycle. A two-wheeled calamity can be fatal or result in serious and permanent injuries. I man must take serious stock in himself to end the upward trend of risk-taking. Fortunately, the Manosphere presents a unique opportunity for a man to seek counsel in older and wiser minds (guys like me) to help evaluate his next step regarding a risk.

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