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Texting – The Smoke Of the Potential Relationship

I was recently made aware of this awesomely awkward website – He Texted (link below). It’s a site where girls can post texts they received from a guy – usually after hook-up sex – so the website’s “bros” and other readers can comment and indicate if the guy is into her (hehe) or not. The comments from the readers and “bros” are funny as hell as to be almost poignant. Ah, the sweet innocence of youth all wrapped up in the sexuality of hook-up culture, complete with technology.

The fine and epic entertainment value notwithstanding, the mere existence of this website reveals two important concepts. Firstly, girls are clueless regarding how Charismatic men communicate via text. Secondly, texting is a supremely powerful tool when communicating with girls after the sex has happened.

There was a time when a girl followed the smoke (dating) in search of the fire (relationship). These days, the guy with Charisma starts the fire – or promise, thereof – with early sex and then lets the girl chase the smoke in hopes that the fire might still be lit. Texting is the smoke. It shows evidence that the fire might still be lit but can reveal little regarding finding it. This assumes, of course, that the guy is clever or simply no longer interested in bedding again that particular dame.

Text game has been well-covered in the Manosphere and the PUAsphere. Use your Google-Fu on “text game pua” for a huge return of websites. “text game roosh” yields on some tighter stuff that’s likely been researched through actual text exchanges. There is accurate information on delayed text, obfuscation, humor, “radio silence”, etc. Read it, learn it, and use it to help you meet your relationship goals.

There is a big caveat here. Tight text Charisma is best used on the female demographic who has swallowed technology like a girl did to a lacrosse player’s protein at a frat party. Yes, I know that some women over a certain age do text often. I’m referring to the younger set, those annoying chippies constantly staring at their smart phones (and sometimes walking into traffic). Since they are so plugged in to their tech, that’s the only way to reach them. You can make noises with your mouth, but it’s the words on the wee screens that will really get them to think.

You’re welcome.

He Texted

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