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Stop Holding Hands

So you’re out and about on a date with a woman who you fancy and she fancies you. You’ve already kissed passionately and perhaps she’s had the experience of your lust. You feel warmth and comfort for this woman. As you are ambling down the lane, you might be tempted to reach out and hold her hand…

Yo, chumpkin*…STOP. RIGHT. THERE.

Holding cupcake’s hand is weak. It just is and especially so in public. If you want physical closeness as you are walking, there’s only one maneuver to use:

“Take my arm” as you extend your elbow. Say it confidently with the full expectation that she will loop her arm under yours. Hand-holding is private.

This gesture is a subtle though powerful display of a man’s leadership in the relationship. He’s literally steering her along as they walk. There’s also a strong element of protection. Leadership and protection, this is what women crave deep in their collective psyches. When she takes your arm – and it’s your damned job to offer it – it sets the frame of the relationship. To wit:

This is how it’s done. And while you’re at it, tilt your head up just slightly.

You’re welcome.

*I was also toying with chumpopotamus, chumpasaurus, chumpanzee, and chumpy

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