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Flirting, It Yields Interesting Results And Requires Observation

While at the physician’s office very recently, I went into flirt and Charisma overdrive. My doctor is a very nice Jewish woman and the entire staff of the office is female of the white, African-American, and Latina persuasion. Hell, I was flirting on the phone while I made the appointment the previous week. Blanca the Puerto Rican admin person is cute as hell and she usually answers the phone. Phone Charisma is fun for me.

The purpose of such flirtatiousness serves several purposes. The modern medical practice is a busy place. Patients are not perceived as individuals, but rather as diagnosis and treatments. “There’s a flu in examination room 3”, that sort of thing. By flirting and using Charisma, it becomes “Private Man is in examination room 3”. Frankly, I want my medical provider to see me as an individual.

Doing the flirt and Charisma thing also allows me to “game the system” a bit. Based on my diagnosis, I will need ongoing supplies of some medical stuff. If I’m known as a friendly, likeable, and Charismatic fellow, it will be much easier to score free supplies of what I need. Big pharma gives shit out to doctor’s offices and the staff of those offices are the gatekeepers to medical largesse. As well, the vast majority of patients – male and female, alike – act like automatons and won’t present any personality. That’s their loss. A man with Charisma stands out – words, dress, behavior.

Being flirtatious also means being very observant. As a nurse of my age was explaining how to use my new medical device, I was tempted to ask if she had any single female friends. Before I asked that question, I subtly checked if she had a wedding ring. She didn’t. Asking a question regarding single female friends to this nurse would have offended her because she was likely single and I was passing her by. This is not cool because I need free medical stuff.

As a man is out and about in this world, there is so much opportunity for him. Every social interaction is that opportunity. It matters little the venue – visiting the doctor or buying towels – it matters much the man.

You’re welcome. Have a good weekend.

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