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Chivalry – A Good & Honest Rant Is Epic To Behold

For the last two days I have been pondering the nature of female privilege and how it’s manifested. I’ve talked to my readers. I’ve seen videos. I’ve read feminist websites. Normally, I’m not an angry man. However, my bile rises when I think about something that one of my blog readers very recently relayed to me from his lawyer in regards to a court case with an ex: “You can never win against a crying woman.”

That is privilege. It is the privilege to be evil. It is the privilege to game the system with impunity. One of my recent posts highlighted that women assume protection from the nearest man. The terribly unintelligent and simplistic Amanda Marcotte prefaced one of her own comments with this: “Women’s need to be safe comes first.” No. Wrong. You lose. You might suffer badly at the hands of evil people. I will do nothing. I will turn my back and walk away. I will not indulge your privilege. Your safety is your own responsibility. Oh, and since Marcotte so enjoys accusing men of being creeps (link below), I get to do this: Hey Amanda, you’re a cunt.

Here’s a bonus: Let’s watch Judge Judy smack down a Cluster B (link below) bitch trying to game the judicial system. Judge Judy has taken the Red Pill but likely doesn’t know it.

Now let’s move on to the long rant from commenter Tom. The comment was the result of a recent post (link below) and I made no edits to his harsh and necessary words:

A woman stated: “I greatly appreciate chivalrous behavior, always. In fact, I absolutely LOVE IT!! ”

Yeah I BET you do. I would also *greatly appreciate* – and absolutely LOVE IT! — it if a woman took off her jacket and lay it over a puddle so that I can scamper over it to save my shoes, too. No matter how it inconvenienced her, or how much it cost her, if it totally ruined her jacket – even if it cost her her life to give me the life raft while I let her drown.

I would greatly appreciate that. I would absolutely love it.

Now you think that’s REPAYMENT ENOUGH? Saying you would greatly appreciate it – doesn’t make you “special”, sweety. It doesn’t even WARRANT or JUSTIFY it – or make you worthy of such generous behavior from men. And are you going to greatly appreciate enough to want to fuck him? NO?? Then what’s the point of making an announcement that you “greatly appreciate” it.? You actually carry on as if their is some tangible or worthwhile *reward* in it for men…. except for 5 cheap words you utter.

Let’s continue to lay it all down for women, just because they absolutely love it.

“I greatly appreciate chivalry” is the female fist in a velvet glove. ONE woman’s attempt trying to bring the “patriarchy” back because she realized – far too late – that feminism is a colossal failure.

Indeed, the only reason women were such a privileged class throughout human history was because only the GOOD parts of her nature were openly displayed in society for everyone to see. But feminism – for the first time possibly in all of human history – has allowed western women to show their TRUE nature, and is the worst possible thing you could have done for yourselves. Because now, the physical beauty of women comes as a double-edged sword of documented and well-known, unbridled greed, manipulation, selfishness and toxicity. And not since the time of Samson and Delilah have men been so KEENLY aware of the destruction and havoc women can visit upon them. What you “absolutely love” about chivalry, is harmful, costly, stupid, and not in a man’s best interests. The more ridiculous the stunt… the more you will love it.

And you had BETTER “greatly appreciate” what little there is left, because you will NEVER get it back. Feminism made sure of that. You have NO CHOICE but to greatly appreciate it.
Telling men you “greatly appreciate chivalry” is like openly announcing that you believe men should be inconvenienced (and should even DIE) for YOUR comfort and convenience.

Telling men you “greatly appreciate chivalry” and expecting it to be some kind of noble and humane statement does nothing but advertise that you believe your comfort should come first, and men are disposable.

And then you attempt to add on “but I do not feel entitled to it”.


For all the men who haven’t read it, pick up a copy of Esther Vilar’s “the manipulated man” and you will see right through this nonsense. Kate Winset “greatly appreciated” it when she uncurled Leonardo’s frozen fingers and let him slip to the bottom of the sea. How sweet. Oh well. Another disposable male for female comfort.

Let’s keep falsely leading men into believing there is something worthwhile in it for them. Maybe enough of those idiots will believe you. So you’ll have to excuse us if we really don’t want to bow down and grovel to the modern female – just because you now SAY you “greatly appreciate it”.

Too little. Too late.

As a Man, I would “greatly appreciate it – in fact, I would absolutely LOVE it” if the modern female would shut the fuck up about chivalry as if she is an authority on the subject. And guess what, it takes less effort and energy than holding the door open. For all the men who faught and died in wars (and on the Titanic etc.) to give you the very freedom and liberty you take for granted every day of your existence…. you think you can manage THAT SIMPLE thing as a gift to men — in exchange for all the chivalry men have given you???

After all, shutting the fuck up takes less effort than pulling a chair out for me, so I know I am not asking for too much. Although you claim you don’t believe you are entitled to being treated like you are superior just because you were born with a vagina… you’re not really “entitled” to anything but air to breathe. Everything else you enjoy is a gift from Men. Right down to the water that comes through your tap, your internet connection , microwave, car, roads, tampons men invented for you, and just about everything else. Why don’t you “greatly appreciate” that , before you start lecturing men on whether or not they should be chivalrous to you. Because in the not too distant future, men will even stop giving you the time of day – never mind holding the goddam door open so you can waltz through it pretending you don’t expect it.

When that day comes…..

I would greatly appreciate that. I would absolutely love it.

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