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A Dating Exercise For Men

The dating exercise for women (link below) went quite well. While doing some research about women and their emotions – a vastly complicated topic – I came up with a nice dating exercise for men. The purpose of this exercise is for men to be better able to “read” a woman’s emotions quickly and accurately, an extremely valuable skill for the man who is dating.

The exercise is fairly simple. Each time you interact with a woman – even just by seeing her – try to determine her current emotion state. Is she happy? Is she showing concern? Are her words telling the world that she is mildly upset? This requires you to be aware of many things, especially body language (link below). The challenge is to be subtle about it so you don’t appear awkward in your efforts. Finally, you’re not allowed to ask her what she’s feeling. You have to figure it out on your own.

You may be wrong in your assessment of her current emotion. That’s OK because your awareness of women’s emotions in general is going to increase enormously. With that increased awareness will come more accuracy when assessing her emotions. When you can do this quickly, subtly, and accurately, you can adjust your own communication style should you be directly interacting with a woman, like on a date. Worried about your social skills? There’s a website for that (link below)

A man who is clueless about a woman’s current emotional state will not get the second date. Worse, that man will not do well in a medium to long-term relationship. A man with solid Charisma will be able to use his accurate perception of a woman’s emotions and then apply his solid communication skills to nicely influence those emotions to help him achieve his relationship goals.

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