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I’m Lazy And Trolls Allow Me To Be So

Overnight comments can make for fun mornings. A commenter left behind three highly enjoyable comments this past evening. As you read them, you’ll probably figure out quickly the huge trollishness of these comments. Hell, so many feminist tropes are covered that it’s humorous and quite possibly a false flag kind of thing. I don’t mind these comments because I pulled a muscle in my left arm and it’s messed up my left thumb making typing challenging. The troll basically typed this post for me, thanks!

This comment was in response to Radical Feminism Still Exists:

When women are tired of being treated like second class citizens/raped/abused domestically by their “loving men/being sexually harassed on the streets and at work and in general/being seen as “property”/and oh so much more-something has got to give. If men were treated this way wouldn’t you do something radical about it? Enter radical feminism. Women made great progress in the 60′s…and life was better for awhile. Then came backlash of feminism. Rape is an epidemic/porn is more violent and degrading/we still don’t get paid as much as you guys and much more. Men have made life hell for women for centuries. And now we are fighting back. Valerie was right. You men are more violent than ever now. Your victims? Women and children. The patriarchy is outdated and must be changed. The only way for us to be is “radical feminists.” And yes men deserve to suffer for their wrongs! Castration is a good way to start.

This comment was in response to Stop Holding Hands:

You must be kidding me. Women don’t NEED to be lead when we walk! What’s wrong with holding hands?! Oh I guess that would level the playing field so the couple appears to be equal-and of course-god forbid you do anything that the woman wants to do on the date. You are so immature. Most of you assholes couldn’t protect a woman if you had to! We can protect ourselves-thank you. All we need is Smith and Wesson. Get with the times! You wonder why women hate men-due to closed-old fashion minds like yours!

This comment was in response to Creeps Or Criminals?:

Sounds like the creator of this website is a class A “creep.” You say your stupid men’s rights groups do not hate women-so why use the word cunt? You don’t need to stand up for creepy guys. Women instinctively know when there is a bad vibe near them-hence-a creep. You act as if all men are angels! Read the paper today and see how many men were put in prison for violent crime. The prisons are overflowing with “creeps!” You keep putting feminism down but men’s rights groups are waaay more hateful and violent than feminism ever was or will be. I can’t believe there are women on here defending you! They are kissing up to the oppresor-YOU. As I said-women are on to guys like you. We always have been. If a woman calls a guy a creep-he most probably is. Aww we didn’t mean to hurt your wittle feelings (smirk)!

Naturally, I deleted the comments from the comment section. My blog, my rules.

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