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I have found a righteously funny blog about a 30-something math teacher out in the Los Angeles, CA who is tearing up the dating scene with wit and very good writing. Want an example? How about this hilarious analogy for coitus:

pressure-washed the quiver bone in the squish mitten

The blog is written by Dave Glenn (pseudonym?) and he’s ruthlessly honest with himself and his experiences.  He’s not 100% a Red Pill man yet he’s coming close. He knows about Game. For the most part, he seems to grasp the nature of women. This guy would make a great addition to the dating/relationship division of the Manosphere.

His blog has been going on since 2008 so there are many posts and stories to read through. It’s good stuff.

I’m going to put him on my blog roll.

Oh, look! Leftover vodka! Gotta go.

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11 thoughts on “Blog Recommendation

  1. johnnymilfquest on said:

    Thanks for the linkage Privateman. Is it just me or has the manosphere been eerily quiet the last few days?

    I’ve noticed fewer comments on all the blogs I link to. What’s up with that?

  2. I’m always a little wary about guys on the internet who give online dating advice and say they are very successful when I can’t see a photo of them. Are they getting dates because they know what to do or could they just be good looking and getting dates in spite of an inept approach strategy? I’ve been studying pick up advice but I’ve also been more closely looking at attractive women in public to see who they’re with and how they interact with the guys they are with. I’ve noticed that attractive women are almost always with guys who are relaxed and self confident acting like it’s usually advised to be. But the guys are also usually taller and more muscular than the average guy. So it may not be the self confidence that’s attracting the woman but the guy’s looks and his self confidence is just a side effect of both his looks and his ability to get women. I just don’t see many short fat guys with attractive women unless the guy has a whole bunch of money, for example the wives of upper management guys where I work. I’m not saying game advice is worthless but it probably doesn’t account for more than a third of dating success at most, with looks and money being at least the other two thirds.

    • johnnymilfquest on said:

      Mark, the first time I tried POF it was a complete bust.

      I only got a tiny proportion of replies and most of those were of the “thanks, but no thanks” variety.

      When I tried it again about a year later, I got totally different results. I changed:

      1. The way I took my photos.
      2. What I wrote in my profile.
      3. What I said when I wrote to women.

      Having said that, I still had zero success with OKC this time around. The bottom line is that if what you’re doing isn’t working – try something radically different.

      • Your ten tips all sound good. It sounds like they are all based on experience and kind of match what I’m starting to figure out from my experiences. I’ve stopped making any mention of their looks and started pointing out shared interests because that seems to get more responses. I’m at the point now where I can get them to respond and then have a first meeting but not a second meeting. If you or anyone else has any tips there, I’d like to hear them. Just having a half hour coffee shop meeting with a series of women from these sites isn’t very enjoyable. I feel the women are getting more out of the meetings than me because at least they are getting attention and a certain amount of validation of their attractiveness by having the guys on these sites going after them. I’m also feeling a lot of them are just window shopping but they aren’t picking any of the guys they meet like me because they are unrealistic and over value themselves. How do you get a woman who is passing you over because she thinks later on she’ll be able to get a better guy when the reality is that she isn’t as wonderful as she thinks she is and the guy she thinks she can get is never going to pay
        any attention to her?

      • Im in my mid 40’s, and I had to meet 30 girls over the space of three years before I met one suitable for an LTR. And the only reason why I got her is because I was the first guy she met on the site; if I had not met her she would have been the next guy’s gf.

        I imagine this “success” rate will be even worse if you are younger, all things being equal.

        The only way you are going to meet a gal online quickly if you are a very good looking former athlete, with a decent job.

        Otherwise, you probably need to meet women by other activities.

  3. P Ray on said:

    “pressure-washed the quiver bone in the squish mitten”
    Sounds like the lyrics from Bloodhound Gang’s “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo”.

  4. redbaron68 on said:


    If you are in America then most women will overvalue themselves. My advice is to let them do that at home by themselves…in other words don’t pursue them any longer one you determine they have an overly inflated estimate of themselves. Why? Because with that attitude comes an attitude of entitlement, bitchiness, impossible to please attitude you wiill wish you never got involved with. I am also in my mid 40’s and I agree with NMH. It’s a numbers game. If only 20% are worth your time, and you are only attracted to 20% of those then only 4% qualify for you. This means 1 out of 25 will be suitable for you. Start talking to every half way decent girl you see, even if you just say hi. If you want to do the Pick up artist gimmicks go ahead, I suppose. Just realize that you will have to have inner game, and something real to offer to keep the relationship going, with any girl that is worth her salt.

  5. yousowould on said:

    I have no idea why this post just showed up in my RSS feed 18 months late, but that post on that dude’s blog about his threesome on the yacht with the 60 year old woman just had me absolutely creasing up. Top stuff.

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