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Technology And Game – I Need Help On This Issue

While swimming in the dark verbal waters over at In Mala Fide, I came across a post about the “The Pickup Artist Scam“. Naturally, vitriol ensued in the comments. This was all highly entertaining for a wordy guy like me. Mining comments for the precious metal that is Manosphere wisdom is always a worthwhile endeavor. The commenters at In Mala Fide did not disappoint:

When I started going out to bars/clubs in the early-mid 2000s Bars and clubs were venues in which women came to actively seek and meet men. It was once socially acceptable and expected for men to approach women in this setting.

Gradually, I’ve noticed the dynamic in bars and nightclubs shifting. Rather than the singles/meat markets of yore, bars and clubs are now becoming venues for groups of friends to celebrate some sort of group event – birthday parties, stagettes, “girls night out” etc.

I blame cell phones, texting, BBM, Facebook, and social networking sites that make groups of friends connected to each other, yet form cliques and isolate themselves from the mainstream.

I used to see tons of 2 and 3 sets of women. These were the best and easiest to pull. I seldom see that anymore. They’re all in big groups in mixed social circles. Also seeing a lot more couples now.

Most of the girls are there to attention-whore for pictures to put up on Facebook. If the girls want dick, they’ll booty text the guy they’re dicking at the time when they get home from club at 3 AM, rather than fucking some random guy they met at the club that night.

The 2000s saw a dramatic acceleration in the growth of female-centric communications technology – namely, the explosion of texting, social networking, and online dating. Yet most PUA material was developed in the late 90s/early 2000s, before smartphones and Facebook.

PUA theory hasn’t kept pace with the evolution of communications technology, especially now that the “seduction community” has morphed into the “seduction industry”.

If Mystery and Style had to contend with today’s bar/club/night game environment (and not the late 90s), Mystery wouldn’t have developed his ingenious Mystery Method and Style wouldn’t have written The Game. They would have growing frustrated with the constant cell phones, the constant smartphones, the constant texting and Facebooking, the constant pics-with-digital-cameras and attention-wh*ring, the constant flaking – and quit. There would be no PUA community and no PUA industry

Of course, none of this was epidemic in the late 90s/early 00s because the technology didn’t exist.

[Ironically, the original post came from]

[Update, Aug 2, 2011. Boris has commented and corrected me on the original source of this. It actually comes from and not]

So I posit the question, is this true? As I am of a somewhat different generation and in a unique locale, I am ill-equipped to address this issue. Considered this an appeal for additional Manosphere wisdom.

In particular, I’d like to know how Game needs to adapt to a new technology landscape based on the female-centric modes of digital connections.

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