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Amanda Marcotte Urges Men To Learn Game!

Stop the presses!

Send snow to Hell!

Amanda Marcotte urges men to learn Game.It’s all part of the elevatorgate nonsense that continues on. Here is what she said:

The onus is on men not to be creepy.

Link here.

In case she pulls the comment, here is the full screen shot:

Notice how she conflates “creepy” with “unsafe”. Also notice the vague hypocrisy that the needs of a woman come first. Equality much?

And the best way to avoid the “creepy” factor? GAME!

Let’s not forget what “creepy” means in womanspeak, it means BETA. It means men who can’t read minds. It means men who are socially awkward. It means NiceGuys©. It means White Knights. It means manginas.

All of whom are part of the rape culture according to feminists. Every man who is not attractive to women is a potential rapist.

Never, ever forget that.

So to all the Beta guys looking to avoid the creepy factor, learn and practice Game. Do it with feminists. Make ’em tingle. Then mess with their heads by reverting back to Beta the next morning.

Rationalization hamsters will die en masse.

Oh, what’s the female equivalent to a Beta man?

Fat girl.

As part of the gender-flip exercise, every time a woman says “creepy guy”, replace it with “fat girl” and watch the hilarity ensue.

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