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Marc Rudov, Support Him

For those who don’t know of Marc Rudov, you should. Marc is often in the media discussing the very men’s issues that are the core Manosphere ideals. We blog in relative anonymity while Marc has his face on TV.

Glenn Sacks works behind the scenes. Marc works in front of the cameras and the microphone. He’s photogenic and charismatic.

Marc has a website – – where he has done an excellent job of saving his many media appearances. Everyone should watch or listen to every single one. You’ll note a certain similarity in his message and overall presentation. This is crucial. He’s on message with confidence and consistency. Oh, and let’s not forget the two books he’s written.

The thing about Marc is that he was on the vanguard, getting media attention and getting the word out long before so many blogs popped up. He’s got compelling ideas (all of them are serious Red Pill stuff) and presents them extremely well. So while we’re churning out great posts on our blogs, Marc is getting great media coverage.

While he might not know it, Marc Rudov is a real Manosphere pioneer. He had an Internet radio show years ago. Sadly, it was ahead of its time and he pulled the plug because of the lack of interest. With Paul Elam attempting that strategy, maybe it is time for a men’s issues radio show to work well. Note – Paul’s having issues with that.

It’s important to recognize the Manosphere and Red Pill advocates. Marc Rudov is an important one.

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