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Video Podcast 8 – Social Media & Men

After some introductory stuff about Periscope and the events in Asheville, NC, there’s a presentation of some strategy tips on how men should handle common social media.

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Video Podcast 7 – Bad Dating Advice

In this video podcast, I cover two pieces of really bad attraction and dating advice. [Note: This video’s focus is not quite as sharp as the others.]

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Video Podcast 6 – Bald & Evil

This blog post requires you to watch two YouTube videos. The first is from DarkAntics, a popular YouTuber who typically creates videos that cover cultural issues. In the 17 minute video below, he covers the problematic nature of a man being bald and how masculine baldness is stereotyped as evil. [Yes, I understand the irony and satire that he’s communicating, just work with me here, OK?]

Did you like that video? I particularly enjoyed the ending where DarkAntics embraces his evil based on the bald man stereotype. Like him, I embrace that negative bald stereotypes. In fact, I responded to that in my own video. Here it is [I’m getting some inconsistent video playback on my end but it might just be this computer. Regardless, the sound is all there]

So my weekend plans, storm notwithstanding, is to lay in some plans for world domination. I might enlist DarkAntics as a henchman plus any other bald guys who want to join me.

I give special thanks to Rollo Tomassi over at The Rational Male and Aaron Clarey of Captain Capitalism fame. Supporting them supports me.

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Video Podcast 5 – A Dating Secret For Women

Yes, I’ve been cranking out the video podcasts recently. This one is aimed right at women. To my guy readers, please share this link (or just the video) to all of your single, female friends who are frustrated with attraction and dating. Many thanks.

The original blog post is here.

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Video Podcast 4 – Chivalry

This video podcast is fairly brief at about six minutes, but I get my point across about chivalry. Guys, don’t be chivalrous, be confident.

Bring Chivalry Back

Chivalry Background

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Video Podcast 3 – Request The Date

I give some very solid advice on how guys can get a date with a woman.

This one is fairly long at about 21 minutes. Because I can’t link to certain websites directly from the Youtube (Patreon excepted), the links I mention in the video are in this blog right below the embedded video.

Body language summary from the Roosh V Forum.

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Video Podcast 2 – The Five Noble Rules of Attraction & Dating

I’ve written about the Five Noble Rules of Attraction & Dating before. In that blog post, I simply listed them out and let the readers fill in any blanks with their own thoughts. In this video podcast, I’ve filled in some of those blanks with additional commentary. The video runs about 10 minutes and does stand alone as just audio.

Please note that I made two verbal mistakes in the video that I must address. I twice used the phrase “social contract” when I meant to say “social construct”. It’s a vital distinction. I stuck a couple of speech bubbles in the video for a correction but if you’re only listening to the audio portion, you won’t see those annotations. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

In the future, I will be shooting video from different locations to make things more interesting. If you have suggestions for upcoming video podcasts, please indicate in the comments.

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Video Podcast 1 – Introduction

I’ve finally decided to add video content to my blog. After experimenting with sound and my phone as a video camera along with some help from a buddy (thanks Rafael!), I finally figured out how to make a decent video. My brother was also very helpful (thanks Bro!).

The video podcast is embedded below. As this is my first, it’s a bit rough around the edges. However, I will learn more and use more of the camera features and Youtube features to make the video podcasts better.

As I state in the video, each subsequent video podcast will focus on one particular attraction and dating topic for about 10-15 minutes. As I will be keeping the videos simple, it will be easy to just listen to the audio without losing the gist of the overall video podcast content.

It’s my hope to produce and publish one video podcast weekly. I will get better at it through practice and input from my readers. Everyone is welcome to comment here on my blog. I’m also letting all comments go through on Youtube. The nasty ones I will delete.

Going forward, I might try some other types of videos that are more personal. I think a guided video tour of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea (where I live) could be something fun. I would, of course, feature my ugly dog in such a video. Your ideas are welcome for future videos, as long as I have the equipment and skills for your ideas.

This is exciting for me because I will have an entirely different medium to get my attraction and dating advice to my audience. Thanks for watching.

Production Notes (I tried to keep things as simple as possible)


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android smart phone (1280 x 720 resolution, other settings default to video camera)
  • 32 MB Micro SD card (set up specifies that videos are stored on memory card)


  • Wired earbuds with attached microphone (no additional sound mixing done)


  • Tripod adapter for phone/camera (“Slik” brand full-size tripod)
  • Natural lighting through open windows


  • Microsoft Movie Maker (also converts back to MP4 format)

Publishing and further enhancements:

  • Youtube


  1. Record raw video to Micro SD memory card in smartphone
  2. Copy video file to PC
  3. Open video with MS Movie Maker
  4. Complete basic editing
  5. Save video as MS Movie Maker project (optional)
  6. Save video as MP4
  7. Upload video to Youtube account
  8. Add Youtube enhancements (annotations with links)
  9. Save changes
  10. Preview video and make changes as necessary in Movie Maker or Youtube
  11. Copy Youtube link into new blog post editing area (as a separate line item)
  12. Publish new blog post with completed and embedded Youtube video

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