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Video Podcast 6 – Bald & Evil

This blog post requires you to watch two YouTube videos. The first is from DarkAntics, a popular YouTuber who typically creates videos that cover cultural issues. In the 17 minute video below, he covers the problematic nature of a man being bald and how masculine baldness is stereotyped as evil. [Yes, I understand the irony and satire that he’s communicating, just work with me here, OK?]

Did you like that video? I particularly enjoyed the ending where DarkAntics embraces his evil based on the bald man stereotype. Like him, I embrace that negative bald stereotypes. In fact, I responded to that in my own video. Here it is [I’m getting some inconsistent video playback on my end but it might just be this computer. Regardless, the sound is all there]

So my weekend plans, storm notwithstanding, is to lay in some plans for world domination. I might enlist DarkAntics as a henchman plus any other bald guys who want to join me.

I give special thanks to Rollo Tomassi over at The Rational Male and Aaron Clarey of Captain Capitalism fame. Supporting them supports me.

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5 thoughts on “Video Podcast 6 – Bald & Evil

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  2. Maybe I should shave my head again and let my goatee grow out. You have to promise me a senior level minion position, I’m overqualified for any of the entry level work.

  3. I shave my head and wear a goatee and am told I look like Walter White. I don’t like that at all.

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