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Video Podcast 4 – Chivalry

This video podcast is fairly brief at about six minutes, but I get my point across about chivalry. Guys, don’t be chivalrous, be confident.

Bring Chivalry Back

Chivalry Background

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6 thoughts on “Video Podcast 4 – Chivalry

    • Of course you’ve addressed this. Why do I always feel a day late and a dollar short? #facepalm

      • Olay Dave on said:

        You did a great job summing up, for the most part, Rollo’s extensive discussions and providing a concise, easily acted upon set of guidelines.

        Thanks. ( Also, need more discussion of dating women in the 50+ category. Rollo and Hearitiste are a bit light light on that topic.

      • I hope to be discussing more the issues of dating women in their 50s.

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  2. Fuck being polite. Chicks dig jerks.

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