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Video Podcast 8 – Social Media & Men

After some introductory stuff about Periscope and the events in Asheville, NC, there’s a presentation of some strategy tips on how men should handle common social media.

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7 thoughts on “Video Podcast 8 – Social Media & Men

  1. Feminist bitches certainly ruined my life. Expect to see more like Kitty Genovese, I know I won’t lift a finger to help some random woman ever again.

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  3. McMurphy (@Warriors_Zen) on said:

    Hey man, do you know that Youtube allows you to do Live broadcasts, just like Periscope? Just go to upload -> on right side you’ll see the option for live streaming. That’s probably going to bring A LOT more viewers and feedback to you because everybody has the Youtube app on their phone, and you can access from a desktop…whereas Periscope it’s going to take another step and authenticating with Twitter, and Periscope doesn’t offer desktop viewing. More hurdles for your average user instead of just a single click.

    • McMurphy (@Warriors_Zen) on said:

      May have jumped the gun on this. I figured you’d be able to do this from the youtube app on phones as well, apparently only able to do live streaming from a full PC. Carry on.

      • You’re right, Youtube was my first thought and I really did try with that opton. However, there was a HUGE delay between my PC and when the image appeared in the Youtube window. Also, the setup was not straightforward and involved downloading 3rd party software on my PC to get the thing to work at all. Hopefully, Periscope will upgrade the desktop functionality so that broadcasts can be done directly from the PC/Mac.

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