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Labor Day Weekend Blog Post Mélange

I was recently hanging out with a very loyal reader, Boris (such a great pseudonym!). We had a nice discussion about the Manosphere, women, and our recent experiences with both. Some of the conversation was rather personal and so I won’t share it here. Thankfully, the conversation brought up three disparate topics that a worthy of exploring just a bit. As well, there is a bonus (and relatively brief) video to share.

1. Boris raised a very interesting problem faced by newcomers to the Manosphere and Red Pill wisdom. He spoke of a roadmap or a path for such newcomers to follow once they are introduced to this way of thinking. There are so many Manosphere blogs and websites that it is confusing and overwhelming. Where does a guy start? My blog is, admittedly, poorly categorized with too many almost-random posts. Many Mansphere blogs are much the same way.

As Boris said, “there is no ‘start here’ Manosphere/Red Pill web page”. He brought this up because a friend of his eventually joined us and Boris wanted to talk about the Manosphere. There are certainly many good blog for his friend to read but as a total newbie to this part of the web, that friend is presented with an intellectual briar patch and with no obvious entry. This presents a great opportunity for any Manosphere blogger, including me. I’ll be thinking a lot about this over the weekend.

2. Boris sometimes visits strip clubs here in Broward County. There are plenty of such places to chose from here and he knows several of them. Boris made it very clear that he knew the game with strippers and simply used the stripper and strip club experience as a “flight simulator”. I thought the analogy was wickedly funny and equally true. He gets to practice his charisma but knows that he’s not leaving the runway, so to speak. If he can get a few phone numbers without tossing around a few sawbucks (20 dollar bills), he’s gained some valuable practice in the flight simulator.

3. Boris’s friend, Sergei (sticking with Russian pseudonyms) presented a great new bit of dating nomenclature that needs to be spread around, especially for post-divorce guys. You’ve heard of the “cougar”, of course. Sergei mentioned the term “snow leopard”. He wasn’t referring to the endangered predatory cat from the Himalayas. He was referring to predatory women of a certain age where their hair is white. The visual image of that term is very amusing and not without truth as I have seen on the online dating website, “OurTime”. So let’s work on spreading this term around. We’ve already got twigging and quantum selection going, the nomenclature hat-trick is quite the linguistic coup.

And now, the bonus video! This was me experimenting with a few outside shots at a local restaurant with and outdoor bar. It was noisy but I think I had the sound sorted out so my voice came through clearly. Because this is only a brief experiment, I’m not going to categorize this as a video podcast.

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3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Blog Post Mélange

  1. rugby11ljh on said:

    Agh Snow leopard!!!

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