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Two Questions For My Readers

These are not grand philosophical questions about attraction and dating. These are two questions whose answers might help me better reach my readership. Y’all can answer via the comments, email (see my contact page), or Twitter.

Question 1…

There is a new mobile app for live video broadcasts. It’s called Periscope and would allow me to do such live broadcasts. The app is now owned by Twitter and I’ve seen a few live broadcasts and they looked pretty good. I tried YouTube’s live broadcast function and found it to be hard to use and the final output had too much lag for it to be any good.

If I did start doing such broadcasts would you be willing to download the app and watch the broadcasts? It is possible to use your computer’s browser but I have yet to get access to the real time chat function. Please let me know.

Question 2…

Back in 2013, I held a live meet-up for Spring Break here in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. About a dozen or so guys showed up and it was a good social event. I am proposing doing another meet-up for Spring Break, March, 2016. The meet-up would be either the weekends of March 4-6 or March 11-13. All would be welcome and it would be a casual get-together. If there is sufficient interest, I could organize an event or two to provide some additional structure. Again, let me know.

Thanks, y’all.

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