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The Age Of Point And Snark® Writing

With serious newspaper journalism ebbing into a sea of Internet goo and political-driven slime, a new type of “news-reporting” has emerged: Point and Snark®* writing. It’s not journalism. I’d hesitate to call it writing. It’s the writing equivalent to a 10-year-old girl looking at something and saying “That’s icky, somebody take it away!”. Reading the drivel of Point And Snark® causes migraines in thoughtful people and hopefully turns them to more researched and nuanced writing – writing that is usually found in magazines such as the Atlantic. Oops, nevermind (link below).

Point And Snark® writing is both elitist and almost anti-intellectual. The elitism comes the tone of the snark. The insults and ad hominems, rarely clever or amusing, reek with the “I’m better than you” sensibility. Additionally, there is a huge amount of scolding as a superior might do to a subordinate. The political correctness can be enormous. When the writer believes that his/her position is superior, it becomes simple to throw around some insults.

The anti-intellectual element of Point And Snark® writing is fairly obvious. Writers in that category are unable to fathom alternative viewpoints other than their own. Balance and measure are hallmarks of critical thinking. Trying to find the truthful root causes of a social issue is the realm of intellectually endowed minds. Insults and ad hominems are cheap, easy, and the work of those without a good deal of brain power.

When I read Point And Snark® writing, I am reminded of television and radio. Not all TV and radio, the political and social commentary that seems so pervasive, especially during this presidential election. Such commentary is a form of Point And Snark, but it’s far more spontaneous.

occasionally, I will mention a feminist writer but my main focus is helping men be better men. Yet this is a time to highlight one writer who is guilty of Point And Snark® in virtually all that she writes. Lindy West is a frequent contributor to Jezebel (no link below). She’s all snark, all the time and it’s tiresome. Let’s compare her style of communicating with a communication style of a certain AM radio talk show host. Yup, Lindy West is the Rush Limbaugh of the Internet. They’re just a different ends of the political spectrum.

Reading Point And Snark® is a diet of cheap, processed nastiness. There is no wisdom and no learning. I only read Point and Snark® to see the general tone of the Internet and perhaps society at large. The biggest point is that readers should be attuned for this type of writing and then read such stuff simply for the entertainment, nothing more. For anyone who finds some Point and Snark and has the opportunity to comment, call out the writer and urge other readers to dismiss that body of work.

The Weaker Sex

* I believe that a fellow who calls himself Basil Ransom on the Rooshv forum first coined the term.

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12 thoughts on “The Age Of Point And Snark® Writing

  1. Haha as I was reading the first paragraph, I thought to myself “sounds like Lindy West.”

  2. Haha, I had never heard a term for such writing before, but I like this.

    If you ever want to see feminist and AFC heads explode, make the accusation that Jezebel is the Fox News of the left. Sit back and laugh at the shit storm of rationalizations.

  3. Hamster Tamer on said:

    Listen to me now, accuse me of anti-intellectualism next week, but… could Mizz West’s snarky modus vivendi and cranky worldview be largely (pun foreshadowing) a result of her >>>morbidly obese<<< physical state? (I’ll refrain from snarky marine mammal similes.)

    Gluttony on that level really IS a sin, against society, if not G-d. Think about it: not only do you tend to become useless to friends, family, and society, but you’re actively insuring you’ll be a BURDEN to same. As for the SMP/DMP, Lawdy!

    As for ‘The Atlantic’ piece you linked, it’s a RAT-HAM (that’s a milspec RATionalization HAMster) barf-fest from beginning to end! 😀 From the oft-quoted (but NEVER broken down into STEM vs. Humanities vs. Basket Weaving vs. Wimminz Studies) “stats” on college degrees per sex, to the SIX-FIGURE salaries for meaningless wimminz’ jobs at Marxist not-for-profit “foundations”, to the consciously un-self-conscious status-activity name-dropping, to the ENDLESSly recycled RATionalizations on the “upsides” of divorce… ESPECIALLY for the children, err, I mean kids. [roll]

    • Hamster Tamer on said:

      RE: The Atlantic Self-Important Wimminz Narcissus-Fest–Cheer UP! A positive Manosphere TSUNAMI has ROLLED through the comments section, LOL!

    • DC Phil on said:

      Ohhhhh . . . Sandra is definitely snarky. One wonders what she’d be like if she’d put that down and started writing something halfway intelligent.

  4. Tempest Tcup on said:

    I call it Snarcasm.

  5. This type of writing is useful, especially for feminists because it allows them to seem superior while deflecting the issues and any honest examination of them. It’s a form of denial. Marcotte does this a lot, but with a lot more anger, probably because she’s a little smarter than the Jezebel crowd and somewhere in her hind-brain realized the intellectual dishonesty of her writing and thus attacks with more vitriol. More like ragecasm.

    What they don’t realize is that it just provides more evidence that their opinions are worthless…

    • Hamster Tamer on said:

      “SHOT!” (*whistling sound of 155mm HE round Dopplers INbound…BOOM!*) “Battery ONE!”… (Target OBLITERATED on first round and/or No Longer Visible Above Ground)… lulz.

      Deflection, Denial, Dishonesty, with a smattering of frustrated rage… bro, you just shredded the entire FemiKommissar “Foundation”… I love the smell of cordite in the evening. 😀

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