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The Manosphere – The New Men’s Club

There once was a time when men had formal gathering places where women were simply not allowed. Such a place might have been a country club, a yacht club, a fraternal organization, or a business organization.

It’s probable that men got together to discuss ideas – politics, business, society, and women. Women were important to men back then. Most of the men doing the talking were likely married and many likely had daughters. If not married, the men would likely be actively pursuing marriage.

It is a pity that they are no transcripts of the informal discussions amongst those men gathered in those exclusively male environments. Such a record would be remarkable for documenting social history. Perhaps a reader can point to a good book or a source some social history on men’s clubs.

As feminism became an increasingly powerful political force, the men-only institutions came under attack. Some just shut their doors, others allowed women to join. With women present, it is likely that a great deal of self-censorship took place. Mustn’t offend the women folk, after all.

Those feminists sought access to those formal gathering places for equality, at least that’s what they said. I have a different theory. I believe that the feminists were scared that the men were conspiring against them; that men were were whispering unpleasant truths about women. The men were discussing ideas that might be dangerous to the new ideology. So, like using baton-wielding police to break up a political demonstration, lawsuit-wielding lawyers went after the organized places where only men gathered.

The heyday of the men’s club is definitely over. As I never experienced it, I won’t bother to mourn its passing. It’s simply a period of history that needs to be examined more closely when a clever social historian figures there’s a good book deal in it.

The king is dead, long live the king!

The men’s club is back. It’s gone virtual. It’s quite obvious that men are gathering on forums and blogs that cater to the usual masculine enthusiasms such as firearms, motorcycle, body building, cars, etc. Those are things and activities, not necessarily ideas. To be sure, there is usually an off-topic section in these discussion and often ideas are shared. By the way, those off topic message board sections are excellent for recruiting men to the cause.

The Manosphere (I am now capitalizing the word in all future posts and comments) is the new men’s club where ideas are discussed almost exclusively. This is dangerous to feminist ideology. Where feminists once had a serious degree of control of public discourse – the mass media – through politically correct shaming, the men have formed a vast, rather disorganized gathering place immune to shaming and censorship. It gets worse for feminist ideology, the men are discussing ideas.

Ideas are bad for ideologies. Ideas are dangerous to the status quo. Ideas cause revolutions. Ideas cause action. With the right technology, ideas can be spread almost instantaneously.

Note this photo:

It is not surprising that the Good Man Project, a feminist project through Ms Magazine, has had a series of articles on the Men’s Rights Movement, a huge part of the Manosphere. Such articles are an admission of the power of the Manosphere. The ideas of men simply can’t be ignored anymore.

As this wonderful men’s club continues to grow, the next phase of the discussion will be the transformation into action. This will require thousands of more men to be involved. It’s the duty of every man and aware woman to bring in more men to the Manosphere. Right now, it’s a big, messy club. Soon, it will be a movement.

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17 thoughts on “The Manosphere – The New Men’s Club

  1. Keoni Galt on said:

    Excellent point, Private Man.

  2. Hughman on said:

    Why didn’t I think of that?

    Great point. Also note the rise of institutions like fraternities and adult amateur sporting teams (like rugby, football etc) in recent years

  3. Paige on said:

    We infiltrated the mens club because the knitters club was boring. You guys serve whiskey. The knitters don’t even sweeten their tea anymore. They are all low-carbing.

  4. Days of Broken Arrows on said:

    Nice post, but if I hear one more thing in the Manosphere about the Good Man Project I’m gonna scream. Who gives a %^&* about ANYTHING sponsored by Ms. Magazine?

    I encourage you to remove the link.

  5. I did think quite a bit about including that link. I do realize that the Good Man project is the propaganda arm of Ms Magazine. I also know that feminist ideology withers in the face of logic, reason, and facts. It’s better to reveal a logical fallacy and let it be coldly and cogently knocked down than to let that logical fallacy spread.

  6. Simon Rierdon on said:

    Hey Private Man, why haven’t you signed up to be a staff writer on Ferdinand’s site? I’m sure he would accept you.

  7. I’ll send him a message about this.

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  9. I like the fact that we have the occasional woman welcomed into the ‘sphere, like Susan and grerp. They meet the entrance requirements – loyalty to truth, empathy towards men and the ability to dish and take. That both of them are not welcome among feminists (grerp just posted on all of her hate mail, and Susan has been disowned by Marcotte and her sex-poz fools) only heightens the contrast between our space and the groupthink, no-thought-allowed feminist interwebs.

    Ferd said that the mountain of critical comments on Kay Hymowitz’s WSJ column shows the movement is growing and that right fast. I am impressed. Let’s keep up the quality and not get bogged down by orthodoxy litmus tests.

  10. cybro on said:

    Right on, you are exactly right and I was thinking about doing a post on this very subject when I saw another post about the old men’s clubs in Great Britain. That was when Britain was great and not just the UK wet noodle multiculture equality utopia that it is now. I can’t find the post again but it was somewhere on THE MONARCHIST blog if anyone else wants to look for it. Maybe I will email the guy and ask him for the link.

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  12. superenigma on said:

    If the Manosphere can resist coming into wholesale ownership of US “libertarian” fuckwits then perhaps it can indeed become a movement.

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