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Through a Different Lens

With age comes experience. With introspection and honest observation comes knowledge of self and the human condition. Combine the two and true wisdom is the result.

There was no epiphany. There was no flash of inspiration. The wisdom accumulated gradually over the years and led to a series of small intellectual gains. I’m re-focused completely and utterly.

This is not a matter of just learning Game, it’s the matter of learning about masculinity and femininity. It’s the matter of learning about how men and women interact romantically, sexually, socially in the milieu of the biological imperative.

It’s also the matter of stripping away the social expectations of political correctness where words and actions become completely and destructively separated.

I look at human interactions differently now. Game and the manosphere is like a new set of eyeglasses that provides clarity of truth. Watching people is now a completely different experience. I see a man and a woman interact socially and I see the real truths. I know now that words are usually just the shell of social expectations and the actions, however subtle, reveal the true nature of that social interaction.

Game and the manosphere allows me to look far beyond the surface of words and see motivations, weaknesses, emotions, agendas that were often invisible to me in my previous and naive approach to understanding communication amongst people.

This is doubly true in the context of dating and relationships. So many social expectations attempt to smother the biological imperative when men and women attempt to connect intimately. Yet the biological imperative simply can’t be stifled. We are living creatures and many of our behaviors are based on biology. When the wet blankets of social expectations are ripped away, only then can the truth about men and women be fully understood.

In effect, I have taken the red pill (hat tip to A Voice for Men) and have seen the matrix for what it is. It pains me that more men haven’t done so. It pains me that there is still so much resistance to understanding the truths of our biology.

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