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The Frustration Of Finding That Special Someone

One of this blog’s faithful readers waxed poetic about his pessimism of finding the woman of this dreams.’

His words:

I’ve become extremely suspicious and pessimistic about the possibility of dating successful, educated, and professional women. Their standards for a man are just ridiculously high and most are not interesting and good looking enough to ask for what they demand. I get tired of being interesting, entertaining, and humorous when I get little in return except self-absorbed drivel from a woman who has little sense of humor.

Let’s break it down quickly and succinctly. His pessimism stems from just five problems with today’s modern, American woman:
1. Hypergamy

2. “Never settle!”

3. The demand for instant chemistry

4. Extreme selfishness

5. No respect for men

Of all five, only one is truly rooted in the biological imperative. That’s hypergamy. A woman’s brain is wired to be hypergamous. Ironically, it’s easier for a man to deal with this. He simply becomes a better man. A man must learn and implement Game.

The other four, well, that’s rather more challenging. While a man, as an individual, can learn and implement Game, there must a shift in overall social expectations to address the other issues in the list. It will be glacially slow. Changing social expectations usually takes at least a generation (that’s about 30 years) but with the ability to communicate electronically and almost instantly, social change can be accelerated.

There must be a constant drumbeat of negative messages and negative stigma from all sides should a woman be suffering from one or more of the other problems in the list.

  • “Never settle” must be met with “everyone settles”.
  • The demand for instant chemistry must be met with “stop thinking with your genitals”.
  • Selfishness must be met with “that’s for children, grow up.”
  • No respect for men must be met with “you’re a bigot”.

Men have been made to dance to the tune of women’s capricious and arbitrary demands for the two generations of feminism indoctrination and it’s failed miserably. Now is the time for men to play the tune and insist that women live up to a form of the revised social contract.

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