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Khan Knows Game

A Star Trek reference ahead.

This clip is not even three minutes and encompasses much of Game.

Amazing frame, preselection, higher value, asshole Game, it’s all there.

Khan has large, granite balls.

The man who wrote the dialog in that scene must have been quite the player.

Hat tip to a Roissy blog comment.


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8 thoughts on “Khan Knows Game

  1. “Go or stay. But do it because it is what you WISH.”

    If I was single I would steal that line!

  2. Damn. He played her like a fiddle.

  3. Don’t forget thug game and not a little bit of danger.

    As a side note, an actress shaped like that would never get hired these days.

    Nice find.

  4. DAMN! This video is so clutch. Even made her say “please.”

    And Elusive, I cosign what you said about her shape. Very nice. Great lips too.

  5. Yea, that is a classic scene. I really was completely bewildered by the fact that she is so submissive to his alphaness before I took the red pill about a year ago.

    My ex gf of 8 years had a crush on Kahn. At the time I thought it was silly and laughable, but now I understand why: her innate desire to sit on her ass and let an alpha call the shots and take care of her.

    • That kind of crap is certainly not every woman’s desire.

      • Hamster Tamer on said:

        Jen, you SLAY us with your knee-jerk feminist reactive humor… you did mean it to be funny, right?

      • Jennifer. You are wrong. You are always wrong. Because you are a woman. It IS your desire. You may not know it, or you may be in denial, but it is. And you’d be happier if you accepted it. Or maybe you’re too ugly and bitter? Let’s review the evidence shall we. Are you middle aged and single? Yes? There you are then: ugly old and bitter.

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