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“My Wife, My Son’s Family And Four Grandchildren. I Lost Them All.”

A man’s grief is powerful, no matter what the culture.

May the tragic sadness of Kenichi Suzuki be engraved on our souls.

He sacrificed his family for his job, his volunteer job.

More here.

It’s heart breaking.

I Hope This Video Goes Viral

I love classical music. I’m also open to interesting interpretations of various famous works.

This is from a young ukulele performer in Hawaii. She is Taimani Gardner and I am extraordinarily impressed with her skills (hat tip to Gorbachev from over at Roissy).

And here I thought that the ukulele was only able to perform Hawaiian music. I have been soundly and thoroughly disabused of this notion.

J.S. Bach should be celebrating this version of his famous Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

As an aside, I am always impressed by anyone – male or female – with artistic talent. This is one of the reasons that I am so desirous of T, the incredible artist. I started “dating” her over a year ago and sadly, I have not enjoyed the pleasure of her company in at least two months.

Oh, here’s another great song from a Hawaiian performer – Iz. He died from complications due to his obesity.

Check Out This Video!

I don’t know if the embedding feature works. If not, hit the link. Now.

“I don’t know… I mean…you could maybe… talk to the girl next to her? You know, make her feel jealous?”

“Hand of God, kid… I never felt like you were my son… until now.”

Tip of the ol’ hat to a Roissy comment.

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