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A Request To My Readers…

This blog is approaching a million page views. It’s also approaching its two-year anniversary. There will be a big change here soon and I need help from my readers to assist in that change. No, no more asking for money but I will leave up the donate button.

Here is what I request – a testimonial regarding the advice and information I have provided via my posts. Just stick it in the comments or shoot me an email (emailtheprivateman at gmail). Sign your testimonial with your first name, gender, and age. The age and gender are very important. Please don’t mention the word “Manosphere”. I hate to say that but I have my reasons.

And many thanks. My readers and commenters have made this blog the success that it is and I am supremely grateful for you all.

Here’s a hint regarding the big change: If all goes according to plan, get ready for “Red Pill Dating: Men, Women, Dating, Truth” (or something like that.)

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15 thoughts on “A Request To My Readers…

  1. My name is Hussein and I am age 16. (10th grade in high school, Fucking smart by the way) I won’t be modest because my story doesn’t involve modesty, I will speak nothing but the truth and if you wan’t to be believe me go ahead, if not fuck you?

    Here I go.

    I’m a mix of east African (Somali) and Slavic (Norwegian) so I got the better end of genes. I’m golden brown skinned, 6’1, 185 pounds, (bit chubby, but working out) gemstone green eyes and nice hair. I’ve always been handsome and I’ve been able to figure that out and use it to my advantage, but I was missing something; game. I wondered why I couldn’t close with women, or why I wasn’t getting anywhere. Until of course I found you, and many other brothers in arms. Ever since then I have spruced up my style (thanks to tanner of nexxtlevelup) learned how to day game (god bless roosh) figured how to maintain a solid relationship (you and hookingupsmart) and most of all I found out how the system is against us boys and how to manipulate womens minds (heartiste) Thanks to you men, i’ve fucked my LA teacher. Its a story I’l share if i am honored to do a guest post. (italian 7) Was able to get a blow job from a sweet slavic girl who thought I was 19, and many other sick disgusting things (anal,69, etc..) that satisfied me from other girls. God bless you man, your posts have helped me severely.

    P.S. Future international playboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “I’ll just say this – the Private Man is one cat who gets it.” Davis M.J. Aurini, Male, 31 years old.

  3. Woo! Extremely impressive PM! Will do with the testimonial.

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  5. This blog has provided me with a solid grounding. Whenever I find myself drifting toward bluepillness, it only takes a small dose of The Private Man to get me back on track and help reorient me toward my goals of fully embraced Red Pill being.

    Jon, Man, 49

  6. Dana, 50yo male,
    Have really enjoyed the blog. Only been reading yours and a few other like minded souls for
    a couple of months. Was married 29yrs. Now single and taking the red pill daily so the new direction really interests me. My only request would be for more practical advice over theory. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  7. And a serious one:

    TPM has a uniquely keen grasp of the relationship between sexes; his insight on gender dynamics is uncommonly accurate, and his understanding of the middle-aged dating market is unparalleled. He also has an ugly dog, so you know he’s a decent guy.


    (People love animals!)

  8. “The Private Man has a simple, no-nonsense approach for success in dating for men of all ages, but especially for older men and men newly back on the dating scene: become a better man. Become a charismatic man. His advice and tips on developing inner confidence, avoiding the “nice guy” trap, and understanding the words and actions of the women a man will encounter in the dating game are straightforward and practical. His advice for women on how to attract better men is also spot-on. This is definitely a place to learn how to swim the dating pool with confidence, or just enjoy the show poolside.”

    LostSailor [you already know my name], male, 52

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist the last sentence. Edit at will!)

  9. Anonymous on said:

    The Private Man writes with one very clear goal in mind- to bluntly, unabashedly express the truth. Read one paragraph of his, and the disdain for political correctness in favor of icy-cold rationality will shock you; keep reading and it’ll make you a better man.

    Mike, 24 y.o. male

  10. The Red Pill doesn’t taste good. PM provides the spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down.
    Anaïs, 41, female

  11. whatsnew on said:

    I like this blog because it is well written, considerate, informative and entertaining. It captures the attention but it is also useful. I have been reading it for years.

  12. “The Private Man is one of my favorite blogs. It is well written, very entertaining, and extremely candid. The wisdom he shares with us is invaluable.

    This blog exposes lies and forces you to see the truth. That is rare thing these days. I agree with the commenter above. Reading blogs like the PM makes the Red Pill much easier to swallow and digest.

    The Private Man has helped me internalize Game.”

    34 Year-Old Male

  13. fjod/10199 on said:

    A newbie here. I’ve been reading several blogs in the scene, your is one of the best.
    Male, 27, Russia.

    p.s. redPill is tasty.

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