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Dating 2.0 – A Definition

When dealing with the social reality of Dating 2.0, it’s extremely important that we all have the same general understanding of what Dating 2.0 actually is:

Dating 2.0 is the contemporary reality of male-female relationships where winning a power struggle is the most important consideration when a man and a woman are attempting to determine short and long-term relationship compatibility. The person who cares the least wins this power struggle. Further elements of Dating 2.0 involve the heavy use of technology to both communicate more quickly but, ironically, more opaquely. On a shallow level, Dating 2.0 focuses far more on sexual attraction – “chemistry” – than on long-term compatibility. Lastly, Dating 2.0 assumes a dating economy where one’s dating value is based primarily on biological factors arising from a woman’s hypergamous nature and a man’s imperative to spread his DNA as widely as possible.

While this is a long definition, it takes in the major elements of Dating 2.0. Let’s break down some gender-based dating behaviors that are the direct result of Dating 2.0:

For Women:

  • Reject a man immediately for the slightest of reasons
  • Never settle
  • Chemistry trumps compatibility
  • There is always another man (online dating) right around the corner
  • Gatekeepers to sexuality

For Men:

  • Chivalry is dead (no gifts, fancy dinner dates, or compliments)
  • Soft harem
  • Pick-up artistry and learned Charisma
  • Numbers game online dating
  • Gatekeepers to commitment

I will never argue that Dating 2.0 is a good thing. It’s emotionally corrosive to individuals and extremely unhealthy for society over all. But as it’s the truth of the matter and it’s better to be realistic and deal honestly with that truth then continue with the pretty lies that are even more destructive to individuals and society than Dating 2.0 could ever be.

When men and women finally understand how Dating 2.0 works, we can then work to do some serious social rebuilding that will be far more healthy for everyone than the politically correct nonsense that is still being spread as dating advice. If it’s not Red Pill, Dating 2.0 advice, it will fail.

Note: Fundraising hasn’t stopped!

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