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Faith, Gender Roles, Masculine Charisma

A massive comment outbreak is occurring over at Dalrock’s blog (link below). Given the intelligence and general wisdom of Manosphere commenters, it’s taken me awhile to read through the often genius observations about Christianity and Game. Of course, I added my two cents regarding the nomenclature. I don’t like the word Game in this context, I prefer Charisma with the added descriptor of masculine.

For the record, I have faith and I am a Christian of the Protestant, evangelical flavor. While I don’t attend church, I do try to follow the teachings of Jesus. However, this post is not about my personal faith, it’s about the wisdom I find through comments in the Manosphere. To wit, this is from MackPUA:

More proof how much Christianity is REALLY out of step with reality & has ALWAYS been out of step with reality

Women are LEVERAGING GIRL GAME & devastating the church as a result

What do christian men do as a result? They attack game, PUA, men asserting their masculinity & dominance

In short christian men attack one of the main defenses men have, ie knowledge of how women use & manipulate men

Christianity has always sold out men, at every opportunity it gets

All with the flimsy premise of evil gamers & puas seducing their weak willed christian wives …

A few facts …

You cannot separate game from PUA, as PUAs came up with most of the theories & ideologies gamers use today

You cannot learn game, unless you pickup chicks & learn how to rotate multiple women in a relationship

Reading about women is NOT game

Game HAS to be practiced, which is WHY alot of guys in the manosphere have such warped ideas about game & PUA

What these so-called Christians don’t realize society HAS CHANGED

Men HAVE to learn how to manage a soft harem, precisely because ALL women juggle multiple men & multiple relationships

Our society is no longer a male driven, male dominated culture

Its WOMEN who now juggle multiple men & multiple relationships


Beta men ARE NOW THE INNOCENT VIRGINAL BRIDES, women take advantage of, after whoring their lives on the carousel


Why don’t these idiotic christians & manginas & anti-gamers get it?

The roles have changed

Thanks to the pill, & birth control in today’s society, its women who are now the cads

He has some very valid points that must be understood by those within the Christian faith and those outside it. The gender roles have indeed changed and our society is going to get even more confused, complicated, and frustrating, especially for guys without masculine Charisma.

Consider the percentage of female college graduates and the biologically-based motivation that is hypergamy. How will they find husbands? (link below). They won’t. They will find a series of short-term “relationships” with charismatic guys who are simply managing soft harems and have no reason to commit unless they truly want to become fathers.

Voluntary single motherhood will become an even greater social pathology as sperm is plentiful. An “oops” pregnancy is easily done because short of a vasectomy, private male birth control won’t yet be a reality. Of course, a trip to the sperm bank is always an option.

Some day, a pastor will mount his pulpit and preach to the women with honesty and candor about hypergamy. He will then preach to the men about masculine Charisma. And then the church will organize singles events after revealing such Red Pill wisdom. It could be interesting if it were to ever happen.

I’ll be poolside.

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