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You Know You’ve Taken The Red Pill When…

You automatically observe social interactions between men and women and instantly determine his frame and her femininity.

If you’re single, you’re spinning at least three plates.

When a girl flakes on you, there is absolutely no emotional reaction on your part.

You’ve been called a misogynist at least once a month, probably more often.

When a girl rejects you, there is absolutely no emotional reaction on your part.

Your clothes are better than every other man in the immediate vicinity.

This is a consistent scenario with your wife or girlfriend:

You: We’re going to the steakhouse on Saturday night. I already made reservations.

Her: But we always go to the steakhouse!

[You know full well that it’s been six months since you two went to the steakhouse. You also know that this is a minor-league shit test and won’t engage her with any kind of comeback.]

You: Wear that red dress I like so much.

Her: What time are the reservations?

You never ask a date where she wants to go.

You memorized both the 16 Commandments of Poon and the nine Iron Rules of Tomassi.

You think before you speak.

When the news reports that a famous guy going through a divorce is accused of physically assaulting his kids or his soon-to-be ex, you know exactly what’s going on.

You have a new group of friends and they look up to you.

Any feminist you know claims she hates you but she always manages to show sexual interest in you.

Instead of watching TV, you read at least five Manosphere blogs daily.

OK my hoard of craven incredibly smart and perceptive blog readers, add your own with a pithy comment…

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