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25 Things About Me

Y’all don’t be afraid to be click on that donate button. Since I’m pretty much public now, here’s more about me:

  • Why yes, I am a self-centered, egotistical bastard. Now that that’s out of the way, feel free to keep reading.
  • I’ve been around the world. In my youth I bought a round-the-world plane ticket and spent a couple of months bumming around Asia with my brother and then flew on to England where I attended university for a year.
  • My high school diploma is from a snooty New England private school.
  • For six months, a 28-foot sailboat was home for me, a wife, and a cat.
  • Heights terrify me. It’s really bad. Don’t get me started on large insects. Shudder.
  • I have malaria but haven’t had an attack in a few years.
  • Car? What car? My motorcycle has 120K miles on it. (2004 Suzuki V-Strom 650)
  • TV? What TV? All Internet, all the time.
  • There are scars on my body from injuries while working as a roughneck on an oil drilling rig in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The FriendZone® – while in high school, I explored all of it. It’s a bleak and soulless place.
  • My degree? BA in Geography so don’t tell me to get lost, I can’t.
  • Well, I do get lost in shopping malls. It’s embarrassing.
  • There’s a piece of paper in my desk that certifies me to teach high school in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It’s legit.
  • “…one giant leap for mankind.” I saw that on live TV. But I was really young at the time.
  • The winter air pollution in Santiago, Chile is awful. My boogers were black for months.
  • There are four huge regrets in my life, three of them involve the hearts of three women.
  • In 1983, there was a factory in China that still manufactured steam locomotives. The tour was awesome. It was like being in Vulcan’s workshop.
  • Since I was 18, I’ve had over 30 separate mailing addresses.
  • So far, an honest fist fight has eluded me in life. Relax, I’m not looking for one.
  • One brother, one step-brother, two step-sisters.
  • Other than heights and huge insects, I’m not really scared of anything. Yes, that includes death.
  • It’s likely obvious to my readers that I don’t have kids.
  • 260 lbs at my heaviest four years ago, 190 lbs now. It was a lifestyle change.
  • On a weird weekend, a school friend and I went into the outback to hunt kangaroos. I wasn’t a good shot. He was a good shot but the kangaroos were too fast.

(I may or may not answer questions in the comments… it depends on the questions.)

[Tempt me to write more about myself]

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